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Germinating hawthorn seeds

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I'm working with hawthorn seeds, too. I did not use sulfuric acid and doubt it would be necessary.

They need a long warm period before the cold period. You could either start in potting soil to expect germination in the second spring, or put the seeds in moist vermiculite in a plastic ziplock bag for 120 days at room temperature, followed by 90 days cold in the refrigerator, then plant. I'm seeing some germination on C. douglasii after that and waiting for several other species, including C. succulenta.

Nice to know there are others like me to share info with.Ill give updates as they happen. What are you growing yours for?

I'm growing them for the fruit, for medicinal and culinary uses, or for wildlife habitat. I wanted to evaluate a few different species. So far I have germination on C. opaca, C. punctata var. aurea, C. azarolus, and C. douglasii.

Iím working on trying to convert my whole yard to native plants. Not many native nurseries where I live. I am working on growing a lots of plants from seed that arenít available locally. No one seems to be growing succulenta, I accidentally got douglasi seeds cause one website said they were native to my region, I think they were incorrect. I may try to sell my douglasi seedling to a local bonsai club if they successfully germinate.

I'm also very interested in native plants, and am doing the same here. Crataegus douglasii is native to Manitoba. See observations on iNaturalist: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=7590&subview=map&taxon_id=76469

I'd be interested in any Rubus or Ribes you are working with. I think several different Ribes are native there. Ribes hudsonianum, triste, oxycanthoides, americanum - not sure which are useful for culinary purposes. Maybe you have Rubus pubescens, idaeus strigosus, arcticus maybe. Cloudberry is native to Manitoba, but maybe only the northern areas near Hudson Bay?


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