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Bill, did you see my request?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A theft on the horizon
« on: August 14, 2022, 04:54:09 PM »
Did I miss something? Why not talk to their parents? I'm glad bad kids are not just a problem in in NC. By bad I mean mischievous. That said if its over the sidewalk or outside the lawn just accept it. Grazers will graze. I did it when I was a kid. I got thorough spanking when my neighbors complained about us. In hindsight I think it was my parents fault for not telling me don't go in Mr so and so's yard or field and pick fruit. 

I almost went in on a libertarian, no hand out people go to work for it rant. Dodge it by ......that much ;)

Do those fake owls with the solar powered motion feature do any good to keep these pests away from your yard?
Nope. The don't scare wrens and they don't scare robins.

are they hurting the trees?
You're a nice guy. I kill first as ask questions later. Every time I have ants I end up with scale infestation in the winter. I would sugar and boric acid the hell out of them.

Dwarf tree, large non gritty fruit.

Side by side with my other saps cant really see a difference at the moment.

Cant wait to try this one.
Is it just me? I don't mind the grit. It's like a pear really.

Mine is young but it looks like my other plants.

Wrens but in general I hate them all.

2 of each

I just noticed one of my bush has about 300 near-ripe Miracle fruit. 

A bumper crop.  I eat them one-by-one when I can but what to do with the hundreds of others?

Just looking for tricks-of-the-trade when you have too many fruit.  I've been growing miracle fruit for about 20 years but never know what to do with excess fruit.  They volunteer around the house in a couple years later I discover 100's of fruit on a new bush.  Pretty bush with the red berries.

But, what to do with all the fruit?
Plant the seeds. There is no limit to the people that will buy them. It will take you about a year may be two but you could easily make $5000 off of 200 plants.

Freezing is the best way to keep them. If you cook them it denatures the protein and its not sweet any more. I have also found that the lose potency in the freezer long term.
I can confirm this.

I bought mine at fruitscapes.

Hmm. That's a tough one. I have had a seller send me a plant that was damaged because of poor packaging and all I got was a "we agree they should have handled your package better" which was basically a tough luck." Do I think Everglades Farm did me dirty? For what I paid and the business they're in the should have better packaging and offer some insurance and some assurance that the custome gets what they want in good condition. Will I buy from them again? Probably not. What's my recourse? Well there isn't any. Other than posting on a forum like this it's basically tough titty. I have small and large shippers do me the same way. One Green got me once and I used to buy f om them every year. Nowadays there is no customer loyalty so I have no problem outing a bad experience.

That might be ube. It looks hairy and I haven't seen ipomea batata that was hairy. 

They don't produce well and I think OhMy might be a better cultivar along with every other Muscadine cultivar. Just my opinion.

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Re: Looking for Citrus haruka [EU]
« on: July 18, 2022, 07:45:40 PM »
I never heard of it before today. Now I want one. Are they true to seed? I want it and one of it's parents Hyuganatsu.

I think that's it. Thanks guys. I will see what the fruit looks like as it gets bigger but I am 90% sure NateTheGreat has it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Abiu sunburn
« on: July 11, 2022, 08:30:40 AM »
I've got not sunburn because I'v got no fruit but I'm still jealous. Here is an off topic question. My trees live in the shade. Could this be the cause of their slow growth?

Nice trick but how long until it makes fruit? I posted a video of someone doing some grafting and one of our members wisely noted that many of these videos never show long term results. I have some plants I would like to propagate but to be honest no fruit is worth 10 years wait in my opinion and most fruit is barely worth 5 years. 8)

I have been leaning more toward something in the rubiaceae family looking at the spent flower. Did it look like this?
It didn't look like that. I have gardenias and tea bushes and they have different flowers. To be honest I would say that the flowes also reminded me a little of squash blossoms. I know I said hibiscus before but squash blossom would also be similiar. The flowers and the little "fruit" fell off when I didn't water the plant earlier this year so I think it may flower a third time if I remove the fruit now. I will let the fruit develop for another week before I decide whether or not to remove it.

Agree with you. The leaves color and the tree branching pattern is not characteristic of the Bael/Bilva tree but sometimes in young trees the leaves vary in size, color and pattern. A picture of a flower/s would have helped.
Interesting pointer by RS regarding the hardiness in subtropical. News to me. Thanks. Don't remember ever tasting the fruit and probably did not nor I have seen anyone trying to harvest the fruits for consuming. It is used for home remedies and some ancient Ayurvedic, Unani, Chinese medicines and other herbal medicines in Asia and Africa.
CarolinaZone : Just saw your posting about the white flowers. How many petals? Was there some aroma? The leaves may or may not have strong aroma when crushed. The fruit takes long time (7 months?) to ripen from this stage as seen in your picture. Thanks.

I would say it had no petals.If hibiscus could be white that is what it looked like.

The flower was white. The leav s have little or no smell to me.

Might be a citrus trifoliata hybrid? Possibly citrus rootstock? Do you have any pictures of the flowers?
The leaves don't smell like citrus leaves. I have some trifoliata rootstock. I'm sure it is not that and there is no graft.

Are the leaves fragrant?
No they are not. The developing fruit doesn't look like any citrus I have seen.

I doubt it. The flowers looked very different and they weren't fragrant.

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