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The second pic post by wang sure looks like erdon lee. Above is erdon lee and the big seedless in Australia. Yes a pulasan in my profile pic, a big sibabat

Isnt the A4 the biggest seedless variety?

People have seedless lychee trees in CA.  I know someone with one that is already fruiting who is a member here.  Ive got a small tree that is supposed to make large seedless fruit from China.  Just picked it up this year so I can't personally confirm how it looks but the seller is a reputible guy.  Theres several seedless varieties here.

Can any of them help me get one? Is yours the guandong?

I only tried an over ripe one but very good. A4 lychee is from Guandong. Are you sure they are not the same and are both Sansuelin variety you are chasing? Not many Erdon Lees around.

They are probably the same then, I just collect every name I can find of the seedless lychee. Its hard to find any info on it. It seems like erdon lee is common in Australia but no one knows in USA. I am trying to find the A4 the most.


The Fiji Longan to chase is the giant with leathery skin.

Wow that’s awesome. What does it taste like?

Also is that a pulasan in your profile pic?

Wow thatís awesome. How does it taste?

Hello, I have been looking to buy any of the following lychee trees. Located in California. Budget: high.

1) Wuheli A4 Seedless lychee
2) guandong seedless lychee
3) Erdon Lee Lychee
4) Pometia pinnata (Fijian Longan/Island Lychee)

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