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kishu mandarin x poncirus?

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Has anyone heard of this cross? I know there are already mandarin + poncirus crosses, such as the US 852 but those hybrids ripen in late fall/early winter after heavy frosts that damage fruit in lower zones.

Kishu mandarins (Citrus kinokuni mukakukishu) are very small mandarins which are seedless. The tree bears early, found a blog where someone had ripe fruit in September, so the fruit can ripen in the early fall or sooner, and is still edible when the peels are not fully orange.

It will be a few years, and I am a complete novice don't get me wrong, but I am interested in creating this cross using a better tasting Poncirus+ (I am acquiring this tree from a member of this forum) as the mother to possibly create a cold hardy hybrid tree for zone 7. 


Kishu is one of the mandarin varieties that produce all zygotic seed, so that bodes well for such a cross.

There are many other mandarins that produce mostly nucellar seed, that are just clones of the parent regardless of what it was pollinated by.

Seedless Kishu (Mukaku kishu) is completely seedless due to the abortion of all embryos early in development, but the pollen is fertile and several valuable hybrids were produced in Japan, including Southern Yellow that inherited seedlessness. This could be a problem in your project, since you will probably need subsequent crosses to other varieties to achieve some degree  of sweetness and will be obliged to use only pollen.

I'm not familiar with the Early St Ann Satsuma which was discovered in Louisiana. As per description, it ripens in September/October and is nearly seedless. Being a Satsuma it may be highly nucellar in reproduction, however, Poncirus+ is reputed to be acceptably zygotic, allowing it to be the seed parent. Perhaps someone can comment on St Ann Satsuma pollen fertility.

Ilya11, tell us about Southern Yellow.  I have never heard of it, and I'm sure many on this forum, if not most, have never heard of it.  Is it a mandarin?  I typed "Southern Yellow" on the Internet but found nothing.


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