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My grapefruits are sweet and good now that the trees are more mature but I wait well into spring and even into the next fall to eat them so they get another year of warm weather to finish maturing.

The kumquat usually flowers in late April but Iíve seen it flower in fall as well. I actually had some rather mature fruit this fall/winter but usually not fully ripe until April. I donít do anything to make them bloom in spring; just try to keep them from freezing to death in winter by building greenhouse around each tree and heat them with space heaters regulated by thermo cubes. The citrus trees bloom a little later here for me than the apples do.

Hello Citradia, thanks for your pomelo experience. My Chandler had 4 fruits for the first time (in pot), bloomed in march and I harvested one after the other between october and march. None was really bad, but in march was better than october. So let s see if i' m patient enough to let one ripe still a few months longer and if the second fruit year still helps 😉.


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