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Can citrus survive winter without sunlight?

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--- Quote from: hardyvermont on June 28, 2021, 02:52:29 PM ---In the old forum someone posted about how they had kept plants in total dark and cold for several weeks before they started to lose leaves.

--- End quote ---
It is not saying they loose their leaves at the end!
They have been the whole winter in full dark (15 weeks) and didn't loose any leaf.

A return to the original question: I think I know what Perplexed is saying/asking. He had seeds sprout out of his pots in March. In zone 7, March is still considered winter even though a lot of Asian flowering trees are blooming at some point in March in southeastern USA. He wondered if his new seedlings will be harmed by the sun in March/winter. My concern is not about the sun in March, but the fact that your seedlings, unless they are 100% poncirus will be damaged by spring freezes. We get freezing temps in western NC as late as Motherís Day. I wouldnít leave my citrange seedlings outside unprotected from cold until after Motherís Day.


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