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Grafting poncirus and flying dragon

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I know plenty will think Iím nuts for asking, but here goes: Iím considering grafting mature poncirus and flying dragon wood onto poncirus or flying dragon rootstock to get small potted specimens that will bloom and fruit when still small. These will be easier to sell than one year old seedlings. Iím assuming grafting PT on FD would work and have a dwarfing affect like any other citrus on FD. But, what would happen if I put FD on PT rootstock? Would the FD scion have a benching effect and die off or what? 

i think it's a good idea. would be good for growing in a pot for us with limited outdoor space, and easier to do controlled pollinations with easily accessible flowers/ protecting the fruits


--- Quote from: Citradia on July 26, 2021, 09:54:10 PM ---But, what would happen if I put FD on PT rootstock? Would the FD scion have a benching effect and die off or what?

--- End quote ---
The answer is probably a bit complicated, and a full answer would require a detailed explanation about how and why grafting results in what it does.

I very much doubt grafting FD on PT would result in any more of a dwarfing effect than trying to graft FD on FD.

It might be less heathy because regular PT is faster growing than FD. The rootstock might have some tendency to overgrow the scion, higher likelihood of longer-term incompatibility. But still not terrible since the two are still the same species and would be very compatible in other ways.

It might even grow faster, with regular PT for roots. I don't know. There could be two different competing factors here.

If you want small flowering trifoliate, the best option will be Fast Flowering trifoliate from Laaz  I think even if you graft mature poncirus on small PT rootstock it may still take several years until the plant starts flowering. I grafted several different trifoliate on one big PT rootstock last year, the plant is already big but no flowers this year...

Thanks yíall. I guess Iíll just try both ways and see what happens.


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