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ISO: er jing tiao chili peppers, seeds, or seedlings


Figured I'd check here if anyone has this specific Sichuan pepper growing. Chao tian jiao is also of interest but er jing tiao specifically seems difficult to source outside of dried peppers.


I was able to grow Er Jing Tiao pepper plants from the seeds of dried peppers I ordered from the Mala Market.  The peppers I grew from these plants are now one of my favorites for drying and making chili oil.


Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I've heard of Mala seeds being grown out before but was on the fence since the reported germination rates were in the sub 1% range. I've heard good things about Mala products so I'll give the seeds a shot and worst case, I'll still have some good peppers for cooking.

I wasn't really impressed with the dried peppers I received from them, they were okay.  The peppers I grew from those seeds however were beautiful and definitely one of my favorites and I've grown dozens of varieties.  Good luck getting them to grow.


Some of the Chinese peppers you can get from asiangarden2table.com Specifically the Er Jing Tiao. Those were awesome to grow.



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