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Thornless Blackberries

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Bought a couple plants from Walmart last year and forgot about them, to the point where I ran over one with the lawnmower. The other survived in some overgrown weeds and rewarded me thus:

Wow! February is awfully early for them. Any idea what the variety is?

Triloba Tracker:

Galatians522, no idea, unfortunately--I just remember they were thornless. Was surprised nothing got to them before me--I did cover them with an organza bag once I discovered them. They were already darkening up then.

Thoes look really good! You really found some gems there February blackberries I need to move south!!! They look like thornless triple crown BlackBerry very productive of huge berries super juicy too, i have a few of them scattered around. Make sure you stick that end in the ground after you eat thoes berries!


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