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First time grafting pawpaw success


Bark grafts, cleft grafts, chip budding. I did these in mid April (NJ zone 7a) as soon as I received the package due to the post office delaying the delivery for several days.

Thanks to forum member broncn for the excellent scions Al Horns, Tropical Treat, IXL, and Lehman's Chiffon.

The scions were sealed with parafilm and secured with rubber bands and black electrical tape for added pressure. Wood glue on the exposed wood where I topped the trees.

Triloba Tracker:
awesome! keep us posted.
I'm especially interested in the glue performance. I feel like i've had mixed results with bark grafts.

Hey! All the grafts took except the Tropical Treat. Somehow water got in and rotted out the grafts. I think it was the wood glue, I checked the bottle and it wasn't rated for outdoor use. So once we had heavy rain it softened up and allowed water to seep in. I am going to re-graft. The other bark graft of the Al's horn is alreay fully leafed out. I scraped out the glue and put wax over it so hopefully that will keep the water out.


Very nice!


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