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Pawpaw graft care advice


This graft is 2 months old, the film and rubber band just fell off today. Is there a risk of it popping off at this stage? The graft is almost invisible. Should I secure it by wrapping it again with a rubber band and film?

My bigger trees, not pictured, I did bark grafts that are held in place using zipties on one tree and both small picture hanging nails as well as zipties on the other. When should I remove the zipties? I am worried wind will snap the grafts off.



It's great to hear your graft is doing well! At two months, it should be fairly secure, but if you're worried about it popping off, rewrapping it with film and a rubber band can provide extra support.

Personally I would do nothing to the graft. If I could not protect the tree from wind, I would use a stake and tie it off on two places above the graft (not tight). This will reduce the sail effect of the canopy. In my mind, strengthening the graft area does nothing more than create a hinge point and a greater potential for failure. You want some controlled movement of the tree, this will strengthen the tree overall.

We had some very strong gusts of wind followed by a thunder storm and heavy rain. The grafts held through without any additional support. Thanks all for the tips!


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