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Apples going crazy


Viking Guy:
Sometimes a tough winter is good.  The anna apples apparently got more chill hours than they're used to.

One of my Anna is sporting 32 branches of solid blooms this year!

I'm going to go out on a limb here (not literally), and say it looks like fruit has set and a harvest is underway.  Bases are all swelling.

The ein shemers and golden dorsetts have only made leaves thus far though.  The fuji and granny smiths still look dormant.  Starting to wonder if I shouldn't have gone all Anna, lol.

My Anna hasn't started doing anything yet this year. Three of my 5 apple trees never even lost their leaves. My Ein Shemer is putting out both blooms and leaves however. Tropic Sweet, Dorsett and the other Anna are just sitting there.

We had plenty of chill hours but only really cold weather for two nights this year. My tropic sweet actually got frost burn on its upper leaves from one of those nights.


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