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Pears in southern CA

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i looked at the pear trees yesterday and they are already coming out of dormancy and starting to bloom!

Not sure if Ill actually recieve the new trees I ordered online but we will see, it was a reputable nursery.  Not sure what they are waiting for to ship. 

Regarding sending from Europe, I think its not worth the efforts honestly.  I appreciate you offering it though. 

I have been growing the rare Passe Crassane pear. It produced two fruits, two different years. The fruits grew to a decent size, but unfortunately both times the fruits failed to fully mature to ripeness, even after being picked and sitting in storage for 2 months. (The fruits eventually dropped off if not picked) The tree might still be a little immature. Chill hours do not seem to be too much of an issue, even though this is in climate zone 10 (on the border between 10b/10a).
I have speculated that since the variety Passe Crassane is parthenocarpic, chill hours are not as much of an issue.

I am growing 3 varieties in Scottsdale,  AZ.
Seckel, Waddell Giant, and Ayers.
Seckel has fruited regularly.  Waddell Giant has not fruited yet and I just planted Ayers.  From everything I read, these have the best potential to produce good fruit with low chill.
Ayers is hard to find.  Bought mine on ebay.  As far as I know, Waddell giant is only sold at RSI nursery in glendale, AZ.  I have heard the fruit is really good.  Got flowers last spring, hoping for fruit this year.
Also, although I don't know the exact method, you are supposed to pick pears ubripe, and then store them in a cool, dry, dark area for uniform and best flavor.

I got the xinjiang fragrant pear from a friend last year around this time.  It is flowering now.  I don't know it is a true one or not, when I were in his place, the shape look identical with Xinjiang pear I brought from the supermarket.

Today my bareroot D'anju, Comice, and Bartlett trees showed up.  Super nice big size gauge bare roots from dave wilson.  Going to pop them in the ground later today. 


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