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Lemon Zest Mango Seeds (6)


Hi all!

I've got 6 Lemon Zest mango seeds available, harvested from fresh local mangoes I picked up this morning. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing them + shipping, open to offers, or trade. I've taken them out of the husk and have them germinating. I still have around 6-7 Pickering Mango seeds germinating as well, if interested.


Mango shmango:
Sent message I'm interested if still available

No chance they are, season for those is long over. If you want to get OS and LZ seeds from Florida, check back here next May thru July. You can also start a thread about that same time here with a title of "WTB - LZ & OS Mango Seeds" and you'll probably get some interest.

Check out everglades farm website. They have high quality trees and ship, just not sure about if they ship to your location.


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