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Should I trim my Native Mulberry and Suruga Persimmon?

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My native mulberry has a sizable side branch(?)/waterspout(?)/sucker(?). Should I trim it off or let it be? See photo (it's the "trunk" on the left):

Second question: my Suruga Persimmon has a sucker from below the graft. It looks healthier than the grafted part. Should I take it off or leave it and graft a stick of Suruga onto it? (If so, is cleft graft okay?)? It's the shoot on the right.


I would trim both. I don't see any benefit to having a tree shaped like that. You might consider air layering the mulberry shoot to use as rootstock, though.

Thanks, Galatians522! Is now a good time to trim the mulberry? I just may try airlayering, as I've never done that before. Thanks!

You should be fine to trim water sprouts any time of the year.

For your Suruga sucker, I would graft it with the Suruga now. It may take or if not wait until next spring when leaves grow again. Jt would be good insurance in case the main tree has health issues later, then you can just cut off the sick trunk.

For the native mulberry, I would keep the sucker to use for rootstock to graft some good named varieties like the Australian Green or Red Himalayan. Send me a message if you want to buy a few fresh fruiting scions.


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