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Nang Cem Cempedak (orange) 1.5 years (2 avaliable) - $45

Outside of the very popular Cenna (Chenna) variety of jackfruit x cempedak hybrid, this is the only other named variety of this hybrid I've seen. There is an orange and a yellow type. This is the orange.

Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra) - $35
2 year old seedling in 3 gallon container

Abiu Seedling "E4" (Pouteria caimito) - 2 avaliable - $45

Java Plum (syzygium cuminii) - 4 available - $15

Kwai Muk - 2 available - $15
6 month seedlings. Seeds from tradewinds

Plinia sp. Giant - 2 available -$25
4" pot - little less than 1 year old

Peanut Butter Fruit - $10

Eugenia parkeriana - $45
Approximately 1 year

Eugenia laugustrina - $25
Approx 1.5 years

In Florida, Alampur Baneshan and Imam Passand are the same mango, so in actuality you’d be choosing between Imam Passand and Ice Cream. I would probably choose Imam Passand over Ice Cream even though Imam Passand cracks open on the tree a lot. Ice Cream’s yields are a joke and it’s prone to mango bacterial black spot.
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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mango Scions
« Last post by skhan on Today at 09:24:41 AM »
Nope sorry,

I'm not sure how things are going in CA with their mango growing, maybe they can help.
This is the time of year in FL when everyone is waiting for flowers so it's hard to find any that wants to possibly sacrifice their 2023 season by clipping scions now.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Mango Trees in 3 gallon
« Last post by TREESNMORE on Today at 08:49:40 AM »
Local pick up
Citrus General Discussion / Re: Do Satsumas get better with age?
« Last post by countryboy1981 on Today at 06:59:14 AM »
It may have something to do with age or the ability to hold more fruit.  The more fruit a tree holds onto the smaller the fruit tend to be (at least for me).  The small fruit are sweeter and do not have the issues you are speaking of.  I give the larger satsumas to my chickens to eat.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hamlin x Flying Dragon
« Last post by Ilya11 on Today at 05:08:48 AM »
I decided to keep it inside for few weeks until it turns to yellow.
Cold Hardy Citrus / Re: Hamlin x Flying Dragon
« Last post by Till on Today at 05:06:34 AM »
How did the fruit taste, Ilya?
Ponderosa is not true from seeds.

The seedling plants I grew seem to be a mix of Citron and Lemon characters, nothing much way off that so far.
Ponderosa is not true from seeds.
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