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Hello everyone,
my name is Luigi, I am 45 years old, I live in the South of Sardinia (Italy), in the family we grow some fruit trees, for some years I have been delighting with some tropical fruit, some born from seed, others bought grafted, most of them I'm experimenting with in the ground, for now .. I have had success with papayas born from Vietnamese seeds, from which I have collected some fruits, and in a while I collect a clone of similar Orinoco and Kent mango, my intention was to create a mini foodforest, we will see in the future what I can do, I have been reading this forum for some time, and it has been useful to me in many occasions, I am here to learn, today I decided to subscribe, Thanks…

Hi folks,

I'm Blake From Eastern Massachusetts.  I LOVE fruit of all types and am working on getting into tropicals to grow indoors.  I've lurked here in the past but am finally joining up.

My wife and I currently grow temperate stuff - apple, nectarine, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, grape, honeyberry, grape, arctic kiwi. 

Currently we are apartment dwellers, but eventually we'll have a greenhouse at our own place and an indoor grow area of some sort.  Hoping to grow these among others in the future -
- Multigrafted citrus, mango, avocado, mulberry
- Lychee
- Passionfruit
- Maybe banana, longan, rambutan, etc...

But I'm hoping to get us started with some Melicoccus bijugatus (quenepa, mamoncillo, genip, mamon, etc.).  I've had them in Guatemala and Yucatan MX and I am obsessed with them.  After this I'll be posting asking for advice on rootstock/cultivars of those.


Hi everyone!

I'm varma from India! I'm 26 engineering graduate and a hobby fruit plants collector in short. If anyone need any help reg Indian fruit plants or reg sharing any seeds, I will try to help. I collected around 40+ varietys both loclal and exotic. And I'm searching for few cherries and barrier or any seeds that are available to swap! Thank you.

Hello my name is Richard,

I currently grow different varieties of longans, lychees, guavas, atemoyas, avocados, pommelos, mangos, etc. I will ocassionally dabble with very unusual tropical fruits/veggies.  My latest interest and focus are with mangos.

I used to be on a Gardenweb tropical fruit forum about 10 years ago and went by the same handle.  The last decade I been busy with my career.  I am trying to settle into a slower pace and trying to get back into tending a garden and tropical fruit trees.


Hi everyone,

Newly arrived and really happy too!

To make it short, i am French, leaving in South of France, starting a nursery this winter After being a Maître D'/Bar manager of high end venues around Europe !!!

Loving nature and great fruits, i am aiming on promoting Mediteranean fruits around me...

Nursery is very ecological, ni chemical are used, reusing plastic pots, reducing use of water.... Blablabla i am getting boring !

Tropicale fruits are the futur !!!!


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