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Hi everyone

California coconut grower:
Hello everyone!

          I enjoy growing and eating many different fruits, my favorites to grow are Coconuts(not to eat, just fun to grow them)Bananas, and pineapples(just started, no fruits yet) I am very happy to be part of this awesome forum!

Hi, Iím Doug.  Iíve been interested in growing and eating tropical fruit since I was a kid.  Iím from Northern California and live in Oakland, but Iíve spent 11 years in NYC where in the summer there were always people hawking mangoes, guanabanas, etc., from the backs of vans.  Both of my parents were botanists and they had grown up in Southern California. Iíve also traveled in a fair number of tropical countries and enjoyed eating fruit I encountered along the way.

Living in the Bay Area I have a generally mild climate, but little summer heat.  In fact, last July (2021) was the coldest July ever recorded in Oakland while the rest of the country, including inland California baked in serious heat waves.  So the climate affords me a lot of latitude with plants, but the one mango I have in the ground here keeps staring at me and asking, ďWhat were you thinking?Ē

So, Iím very happy to have been introduced to this forum!  Iím reaching a career point where Iíll have (hopefully) more time to up my game in terms of plant care and it looks like a good place to share and gain information. 

Hi everyone :D My name's Luke. I recently bought a 100 acre farm in eastern Australia with red volcanic soil that I am going to plant out with rainforest and tropical fruit trees. The min temp is about 5C or 41F (zone 11a). I'm mainly interested in growing garcinias, plinias, annonas, mangoes, lychee, macadamia, abiu and white sapote. I also grow local rainforest timber trees including red cedar, teak, blue quandong, silky oak and deep yellowwood.

Hi everyone,
Horticulturist living in Bonita Springs (SWF) Florida zone 10a.
I enjoy collecting and propagating tropicals I find in my area or Miami.
Very interested in permaculture and agroforestry. Would like to slowly get down to South America (Colombia) and start some projects there. Santa Marta or Cali seem to be at the best elevation for fruit projects.


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