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Growing Mango trees in Southern California

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Two more of my top tier California seedling first Parson a seedling of Juliette
2nd SA06 a seedling of ppk
Both of these have hit 30 brix with excellent coconuty and citrus flavor

Looking delicious JF, our mutual friend agreed that Parson was very good. Hopefully we can sample all these fruit at a future mango tasting. Lots of great seedling selections out there!



--- Quote from: Victoria Ave on November 21, 2021, 01:41:07 PM ---Reason for the split?

--- End quote ---

I think the cold temp at night. Never seen a band aid used on injured mango before. It's kind of late for VP fruits.

I spent the night reading this thread lol. The info here really is invaluable not only to CA but I think to growers in cooler climates in general. I'm on the FL panhandle waiting to build a greenhouse. I have 5 mangos in pots and I've noticed the slow growth due to flowering/short growing season.  I've also noticed my Indian mangos Kesar and Malika haven't grown in the low droopy way my Sugarloaf, Pickering and Carrie have. Have you noticed this with Indian types? This is only the second winter with them so it could be nothing. Thanks again.

Is now the time to cut off first bloom?


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