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Baby jackfruit question


I planted one seedling in the ground and have one in a pt that looks considerably better. Should I pull out the one in the ground and plant the one I have in the container in itís place? Or just leave as is?
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Might be the soil or location that's the problem, so swapping trees wouldn't help.
Is the soil too compacted?  Is the plant in the pot getting more shade?
Doesn't look like typical chlorosis to me, so may just be a light or watering issue.
Poke around the soil and see if it is heavy, waterlogged, dried out, etc. 


Thank you bu will start watering it daily.

Its most likely adjusting to our sandy South Florida soils, I planted a seedling Jackfruit back in March and it completely defoliated, I thought it was chlorosis or a fungi issue but once it got established it started popping new growth a couple months after and now is doing very well! I'd say just keep watering it occasionally and let it adjust to the sandy/nematode infested soil.

Thank you. Iím in Miami dade so we have limestone soil but Iím not sure how sandy it is. Hope the same situation applies. I will continue to monitor new growth and hope for the best.


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