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catsup? chutney? dipping sauce? salsa?  what's in a name?

a well grown stalk of bananas presents its grower with a high quality problem - what do you do with a large quantity (20 -80 lbs) that ripens pretty much all at once? 

how to preserve the bounty so that it can be enjoyed throughout the coming months? 

here is a recipe for banana catsup.  this calls for five pounds of bananas - peeled and sliced.  green or ripe fruit will work, and the spicing is variable dependent on individual taste.  this recipe makes a savory product reminiscent of mincemeat with an underlying heat.  it's really easy and can be used for other fruits with a little adjustment

5 lb peeled sliced bananas
two large onions, peeled and quartered
one bulb garlic separated and peeled
a dozen assorted hot/warm peppers cored
two heaping teaspoons ground turmeric
two heaping teaspoons ground allspice
two heaping teaspoons ground ginger
two heaping teaspoons west indian style curry powder
one heaping teaspoon ground cloves
four cups distilled white vinegar
three cups sugar
one pound raisins

puree the onions, garlic, and peppers in a blender, and then combine all ingredients in a large heavy walled kettle  and simmer, stirring frequently to prevent scorching on the bottom, until the bananas break down into a gravy-like consistency.  i like mine with a few lumps left for texture.

spoon into wide mouth pint mason jars and steam process for a half hour.  this recipe will fill nine pints

But, but, but what on earth would you do with it once you've made it? :-\

I don't think I would like it ;D

I've heard of this before actually. I'm curious, what do you eat it with? Is it more sweet or savory?

Nope never.. :D


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