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Multi-Grafted Citrus tree- local pickup
« on: October 14, 2021, 11:07:07 AM »
I'm planning to dig up my medium size cocktail/multi-grafted tree soon this year and may sell it for local pickup. All budwood grafted were purchased from UCR, CCPP program (clean budwood).

Just curious if anyone local would be interested in purchasing it for around $375 (includes my time to dig it up). The tree is about 12 yrs old, is fruiting and produces nice size fruits. The size of tree is 10 ft(H) x 6 ft(W) but just trimmed it down to 6-7 ft now for transplant to pot.

Here's what I have grafted on the tree:
1) VI-352, Lane Late orange
2) VI-319, Improved Meyer lemon
3) VI-462, Murcott mandarin
4) VI-461, Kiyomi tangor
5) VI-597, Valentine pummello
6) VI-772, US Seedless Surprise(USDA 1-77-19) tangelo
7) VI-860, Shiranui mandarin

The grafts range from 2-7 yrs old, the Valentine and US Seedless Surprise has not fruited yet (2 yr old grafts). The Shiranui gets about 10-12 fruits a year, large size, tastes good. Last season this tree produced the largest Sumo fruit for me (1.2 lbs).

Send me a PM if you're interested.

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