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WTB: Mango seeds of Zill varieties

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Hello everyone! New member here and I was wondering if anyone could sell me some mango seeds? I'm looking for a few Zill varieties that are polyembryonic. (list below)

* Pina Colada
* M-4
* Honey Kiss
* Sweet Tart
* Coconut Cream Acquired! Thank you @FloridaManDan
* Cotton Candy Acquired!

I've heard people having great success in California with mango trees grown from seed as opposed to grafted and I would like to experiment for myself. Thank you!

PM sent


--- Quote from: FloridaManDan on June 18, 2024, 01:51:51 PM ---PM sent

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Replied  :)

Also would be interested in any of those seeds if anyone has any to sell..

Coconut Cream Seeds checked off the list! Thank you FloridaManDan!

Still on the hunt for the other varieties listed. Please let me know!


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