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Low chill stone fruit scions

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Hi Brad, When is a good time to graft them? My stone fruit trees are dormant now.  Is it better to do dormant to dormant graft or wait till March when trees start getting out of dormancy?  My zone is 10a.


I always do them end of January but you can still do it in february and march.  In zone 10 it doesnt really matter.  If you live somewhere like zone 8 or less, you are supposed to cut scions in winter and store them in the fridge then graft afterthe sap starts to flow in March. 

and Ive had people tell me they did it in june also.  if you look on google, you will get all kinds of answers.  From personal experience l get 95%+ takes during end of january or early february. 

Pm sent

The scions have arrived today. Great communication prior to the transaction. Excellent packaging, extra scions for every single variety I ordered, extra Mexicola Grande seeds. Brad is definitely one of the best, if not the best seller on this forum, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone!


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