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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia dulcis first taste
« on: May 03, 2024, 07:07:43 AM »
Purchased a box of these and arrived several days ago.  Seller said to wait until the fruit turned completely yellow...still has some green on the stem end.  Not really seeing any color change so far.  Tested on today.  More tart than sweet and flavor was lacking.  I see the potential, but this first one fell short.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Marang update
« on: April 29, 2024, 07:31:16 AM »
Update on my marang grafted onto jackfruit experiment.  The plan was to slowly start cutting the rootstock away from beneath the graft.  Well, back on April 14, on my second cut, I mistakenly cut all the way thru the rootstock.  By the next morning, all of the leaves had dried completely up.  I should have removed them all after severing the rootstock, but I thought it has had plenty of time to sync up...grafted on Jan 2.  After the discovery, I removed all of the leaves except for part of one at the top.  So the graft has been attached to the jackfruit only since April 14.  As of today, as you can see in the pic, the graft is pushing a nice new leaf from the tip.  I'm going to call that a positive sign.  Hopefully it will continue to push.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Origin of cultivated mangosteen
« on: April 19, 2024, 07:07:01 AM »
In the past, we've discussed possible varieties of mangosteen and what a pain figuring out the common and scientific names of all the others.  Confusing to say the least.  I bring this up due to someone from one of the Facebook groups in Australia recently inquiring as to why it is so difficult to get these names correct or why two garcinias may be called the same name.  I came across this recent publication, and while long and technical, I did find it interesting.  It discusses the origins of mangosteen and the few varieties that may be available.  I got the impression that there was one section that seemed to harbor some doubt on this, but maybe I understood it wrong.  It does open your eyes to the difficulty of identifying the genetics of the most popular garcinia.  Is it any wonder very little effort/expense has gone into the rest?  I thought Mike T at least would be interested in this.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Marang on Jackfruit
« on: March 27, 2024, 12:18:39 AM »
I found several papers on grafting jackfruit onto marang, but none for marang onto jack.  There is a good probability of eventual failure, but it's a neat experiment for me in the meantime.

I approach grafted the marang onto the jack back on January 2.  As you can see, the graft is very secure and the bark is starting to close in on the graft site.  I'm being very patient/cautious.  I plan to leave the root ball attached until more of the graft is covered, then I will slowly cut away below the graft.

Today I removed the huge branch the graft is on.  Hopefully this will direct more energy into the graft.  I will remove the rest of the branches after this as well.  I want to keep them for now to support the whole tree.  The jackfruit itself is pretty much a dud and I would have removed it, but we'll see how this pans out.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Basket shipping
« on: January 19, 2024, 06:53:27 AM »
This is the ONLY way a new tree should be shipped in my opinion.  No boxes thrown on top to crush or snap the trunk of your new addition.  Not confined to a hot, dark box for days.  USPS and the rest back in the states would lose their shit over this!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First time trying cherapu
« on: October 12, 2023, 03:39:18 AM »
Cherapu...button mangosteen...garcinia prainiana.  I've been waiting 20 years to taste this fruit.  Much smaller than I thought they would be, but even the small ones had a surprising amount of flesh to them.  This is the first time that a shipment has gone somewhat bad.  Much of the fruit is smashed and half the box is soaked and falling apart.

The fruit itself is fabulous.  I really like this.  It has the tropical tang with hints of garcinia and tangerine.  They peel open very easily and the seeds come out without much hassle...and only a few of those.

The bad.  Latex latex latex!!  Fingers and lips were covered with a thick coating of it.  My teeth!  They felt like they were covered in epoxy that was half cured.  I ruined a tooth brush cause it is now all gummed up.  Jeesh!

Someone please tell me that this is not normal and that the latex is not always this bad!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Godzilla in Thailand
« on: October 08, 2023, 02:20:09 AM »
These a-holes are probably the ones digging around my pulasan mounds.  Can't let that continue.  Traps are set to discourage this.

These first two pics are me helping a neighbor chase away a big one that was going after one of his little dogs.  I had a long pole with a saw blade on the end that I snagged his back legs with to drag him to the canal.  He was a big one.

This was this morning.  This one got wrapped up in some fishing line.  He was up near my pulasans and got the hook caught on one of the bamboo supports for the shade cloth.  The other end was wrapped around his neck and was pretty tired by the time I found him.  Still had some fight in him cause he started doing some gater rolls and snapped the line.  Saved me the effort of trying to pin him down to cut it off!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Raw Sugar mango??
« on: September 10, 2023, 07:00:01 AM »
Anybody familiar with this Zill selection?  A buddy has this, but I cannot find any info on this.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Very young durian grafting
« on: August 30, 2023, 08:30:05 AM »
This is a great video on grafting very very young durian.  I cannot understand what the guy is saying, but you can easily infer. 

It is also a good example showing how tough these young seedlings are and how rough they are treated, including having nearly all of their roots removed.  Yet they thrive.  If anyone knows why they remove so much of the roots, please explain.  So if you have a bunch of seedlings to experiment with and access to fresh scions, this would be a great experiment to perform.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Happy durians for a change
« on: August 29, 2023, 07:57:13 AM »
Believe it or not, it has been terribly dry here with humidity steadily under 50%.  My durians and pulasan have not been happy at all.  Lots of crisp edges on the leaves.  I upped the spraying and watering, even soaking the grass and ground around the trees hoping to raise the humidity around them.  Seemed to have helped along with some rains finally settling in.  The trees were always putting out some new growth, but not like this.  Hoping to get them into the mounds next month sometime. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pulasan in Thailand
« on: August 29, 2023, 06:56:40 AM »
Received a box of pulasan today.  First time trying pulasan from Thailand.  The larger and darker pieces tasted much better and gave me a small reminder of the awesome fruits we had in Puerto Rico. 

I understand that the farms need to pick all they can, when they can, but I would have preferred that the fruit had been allowed to stay on the tree to get darker, sweeter, and develop more complex flavors.  This fruit is normally much better than the best rambutan.  No contest in my opinion.  I think these could have been better if on the tree longer.  PR fruit definitely better, but we got to pick and eat those right at their peak.  That's hard to beat.  But now I have a shit ton of seeds to plant for grafting and other experiments!  Got another box ordered coming from a different farm.  Supposed to be bigger fruit and hopefully kept on the trees a bit longer.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Foreign mango familiarity
« on: August 24, 2023, 09:21:50 PM »
So here I am living in Thailand with no access to Zill mangos besides the ones I came here with.  There are some folks here selling trees from Myanmar, Taiwan, India/Pakistan, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines.  I'm looking for a couple that has the flavors/complexities of some of the upper tier Zill mangos or at least could compete with them.  Anyone familiar with the following?  Keep in mind that the spelling might be off and probably is on some, but these are the names I've pulled.  Thanks!

Sein ta lone/diamond/guava - myanmar
ah ping - taiwan
harum manis - taiwan?
chaunsa/chonza - pakistan
Anwar Ratol -pakistan
Sai-Ci Mango or Si-Ci - taiwan
Bangana palli - india
Hong Mi Huang - Taiwan
Sanlin/salin/sallin - Taiwan I believe
Guimaras - philippines
Sai-Ci Mango or Si-Ci Mango - Taiwan
Ping Guo Wen or Phing Ku Win - Taiwan
Maya - Israel

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tree mounds making progress
« on: June 03, 2023, 04:52:19 AM »
Here's the latest pics of my project here in Thailand.  I believe I shared pics earlier of the large pits we had dug out, amended the soil for last six months, then filled back in.  Now we are building the mounds.  The project is going much smoother now that we have the soil issue resolved.  The pulasan mound, out by the canal, is approx 43' x 8' and has a height of around 15" in front and close to 24" in back.  The plan was to have this a little higher, but I'm well passed the f%$# it stage.  This is complete, seeded and covered with straw.  Inside the yard are the durian mounds.  The circles are 10' across and was supposed to have a final height of around 36".  That height will probably not be reached either.  I have another 150 bags coming soon to finish these off.  With all of the un-composted manure included, installing the trees will have to wait for another 3-4 months...which is fine by me.  I'll probably need that time to recover.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chanthaburi, Thailand
« on: April 23, 2023, 07:48:29 AM »
Roadtrip this past Friday for a few days of tropical fruit hunting...and some relaxing.  Brutal heat.  Hovered around 100 degrees each day.  Heat index in some areas reached 130.  It is so dry throughout, it was like walking thru a furnace.

Durian orchards/farms were everywhere.  It seemed like nearly everyone's yard, field, and farm had durian trees.  So many new plantings too.  Huge areas cleared with big retention ponds being dug for irrigation.  Lindsay says some farmers are removing other fruit trees in favor of durian.  Most are planted on mounds, at least the younger groves and newer plantings.  Lots are doing the two trees per mound as well for insurance.  The slower/weaker tree will be removed in a few years.  Many are also jumping on the pruning wagon.  Even older trees are being topped while younger trees are kept at a much shorter height.  Another thing I noticed was that older trees on some of the farms looked horrible.  Not sure if due to Roundup spraying around the trees or maybe phytopthera catching up to them.

Durian Land.  I believe they said that this is the largest commercial durian farm in Thailand.  It was massive for sure.  Mostly mongthong, but have 40 other varieties.  The Chanthaburi #1 was pretty good.  This is a cross between mongthong and chanee.  They also have a zip line adventure where you can speed right thru big durian trees.  Pretty fun.  There is a nice cafe at the top serving all kinds of cool fruit drinks and a big menu of food...and durian!

Suriya Cacao Farm.  Yeah...Thailand is growing cacao on several farms now.  This farm was the first to successfully grow and export their beans.  About 7 years now.  Their beans are not only used for chocolate here in Thailand, but get exported to Belgium and California.  They grow durian, mangosteen, and some others as well.  The durian I'm holding is a 9kg beast of a mongthong.

Auntie Eat durian farm and cafe...I believe this is how it translates to.  Can sit down and stuff yourself with durian varieties and/or walk their farm.

Lindsay and Richard from Year Of The Durian.  Anyone who knows even a little bit about durian probably knows who Lindsay is.  We hooked up with them late afternoon and spent the evening catching up and talking durian.  Dang...but she is a busy busy lady!  She has several tours coming up starting next week here in Thailand and will continue as durian ripen in neighboring countries.  Always on the move.  It was good seeing her.  The last time we were all together was back in 2013 for our annual trip to Puerto Rico.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Durian planting
« on: March 24, 2023, 12:59:14 AM »
I've been seeing more videos like this in Thailand recently.  They plant 3 trees together in a triangle to make the trees less susceptible to wind damage as well as to have branches criss-cross to help enhance pollination efforts...having different trees close by with different pollen.  I thought it was pretty interesting.  Techniques are always evolving.

This first video is a good overview of durian cultivation in Thailand.  About midway thru, it talks about the three trees method.

This vid is pretty much all 3-tree method.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Update on my durians
« on: January 29, 2023, 09:12:16 PM »
Received my latest...Indo Red or Durian Lai.  Deep yellow/tumeric colored flesh.  Lindsay says this is a hybrid of kutejensis.

I did multi-rootstock grafting on my first two durians.  Couldn't find any seedlings at the time and ended up using monthong trees.  This first tree did great.  All three seedling grafts healed up nicely.

Durian #2.  Unfortunately, two of the three grafts failed.  You can see the site in the middle of the pic.  A real bummer after seeing the slam dunk success on the first one.

Durian #2.  Luckily, the two seedlings were still viable after cutting down quite a ways.  I was able to regraft them lower down on the trunk and so far, it looks like they are both healing up well.

I'm enjoying the grafting.  Not only useful/beneficial for the tree, it keeps me busy over here!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pulasan
« on: October 25, 2022, 05:42:29 AM »
Received three grafted pulasan today.  The guy said the trees would be "basket shipping".  I'm like..."okay".  He meant what he said!  I really like this method.  Trees and baskets were tied very securely.  Nice little trees. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia Dulcis - Thailand
« on: October 25, 2022, 05:35:58 AM »
This is my fourth week at my new home here in Thailand.  Got to keep the tropical fruit tree hobby going to keep me sane!  Picked up this little guy at a flea market today.  Hopefully it will be a sweet version.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Maprang VS Mango
« on: October 16, 2022, 05:24:24 AM »
Still see the occasional post here or on Facebook where someone purchases a maprang, but it ends up being a mango.  I took some pics earlier to do side by side comparisons between the two.  Hopefully it will help someone make a more informed decision before purchasing.  Insist on having close up pics of the trees sent.

These first pics are of the maprang wan...or sweet maprang.

Notice on these next two pics how the leaves are in pairs and oppose each other.

Here it is compared to a mango.  The leaf size difference is very noticeable.

These next pics are of the mayong chid maprang.

Mango leaves still much larger than mayong chid

Here are the two maprangs side by side.  Mayong chid leaves are larger than wan, but still much smaller than mango.

These two pics are mango.  Not only are the leaves much bigger than maprang, but the leaves are not opposing.  Very obvious differences now that both are displayed together.  The other thing that looks unique to mango is how the terminal leaves are in a starburst bunch.  Maprang doesn't do this.

A comment on maprang leaf size.  I believe maprang leaves could appear larger than what I have hear due to possible environmental influences.  But the opposing leaves are a dead giveaway. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Puerto Rico forum member death
« on: December 11, 2021, 08:21:49 AM »
A friend from PR just forwarded me the link below.  I believe this is our forum member PuertoRicoFoodForest.  He purchased the incredible farm of Felipe Osborne Shea, that our group always visited when in PR.  Don't like to speak ill of the dead, friend had repeatedly warned me to stay away from this guy saying what a scammer he was.  There is obviously some truth to this since I'm seeing several folks in one of the Facebook groups say the same thing.  Damn!  We've been trying to secure a visit to his farm too.  Glad we didn't now.

Big tree.  6'.  Blooming and fruiting and currently has both on it.  Tree is $145.  Box height will be 60" and I will do what I can to get it in without cutting any from the top.  If you would rather it not be cut, then I will tailor the box to fit the height.  Will down-pot this into a smaller container in order to fit a 14x14" (at most) box.  I would rather not bare root this tree.  Shipping estimate is around $75-$100.  There will also be a cost for the box materials as well as for my time/effort constructing the box to make sure the tree is safe and secure.  It will be secured in a wooden frame to not only keep the plant from shifting, but to help protect from any rough handling.  If shipping costs end up lower, that amount will be refunded.  PM me if you are seriously interested or have questions.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Puerto Rico trip blog
« on: August 15, 2021, 11:21:25 AM »
If interested, here is my latest blog on our recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Puerto Rico fruit hunting trip
« on: August 07, 2021, 07:28:36 PM »
After 4 years, we finally made it back to PR.  First it was hurricane Maria, then COVID-19.  I must say that the everywhere we went or drove thru/past, has made a remarkable recovery.  It was just beautiful down there.  You would never believe that a hurricane had come thru unless you knew what to look for...such as bare areas that used to be a big stand of trees.  The people, as always, were terrific.  It was great to get to spend time again with Ian Crown, Juan Miranda, and Zaida at Jardines Enaidas.  Ate are fill, and then some, of mangosteen, achachairu, and durian.  The mangosteen crop was as flawless as you could hope for and the durian was exquisite.  If you didn't have to spend any time driving anywhere at all down there, it would truly be even more of a paradise.

Below are a few pics from the trip.  I plan to upload all of the pics to my website soon as well as do a new blog of the trip.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First achachairu
« on: July 30, 2021, 06:56:21 PM »
So after nearly 15 years of divine patience, I finally got to try my first achachairu from my tree.  Very very tasty...just wish I had about 100 more to follow up with.  I also grabbed the last 3 madronos.  They may have benefitted some more days on the tree, but I'm going out of town and did not want them to split, rot, or drop while I'm gone.  They too tasted very nice.  They were much larger, better filled out, and better shaped than the first one.  In case you are wondering, the white fruit on the plate for comparison is garcinia chickeneggulis.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First madrono
« on: July 19, 2021, 08:06:11 AM »
Got my first madrono from my trees.  Left it on a bit too long...started to split.  What was edible was very tasty and sweet.  I look forward to the others and these have filled out much more than this one did.  Took about 13-14 years in my greenhouse here.  So no matter what you do to recreate an environment, it just cannot beat the real thing!

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