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Ashwanganda seeds for sale/trade

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Tons of ashwanganda seeds available. 50 seeds for $3 plus shipping. Can ship as USPS ground advantage package with tracking or with a non-machineable stamped envelope for $1. The ground advantage package not only has tracking but also gets handled like a package so the seeds definitely won't get crushed. It will be more expensive though. The non-machineable stamps are supposed to make sure that the envelope will not go through roller machines and such that often crush the seeds but sometimes they do that regardless in my experience. Either way I will pad the seeds a bit to reduce the chances of crushed seeds.

Hit me up! DG

Hi Derek, Is it Winter hardy for you? I haven't grown it before.Thanks, D

Not winter hardy but can grow out from seed to seed annually. Harvested a bunch of seeds right before our huge cold snap. Gotta pull the plant to use the roots now that it's frosted down. Supposedly a very good medicinal herb but it'll be my first time using it. See how it goes.

pm sent

What kind of conditions did you grow it in, sun and soil? Mine seems to suffer in summers.


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