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Books on tropical gardening, homesteading, farming?


There are many books about gardening but a lot of them relate to gardening in areas with frost.  Are there any good books about gardening, homesteading or farming in tropical areas or south florida?

David The Good has a bunch of gardening/food forest books that are Florida and South Florida specific; other than that I have never really seen much specific to South Florida.

I'm part of misc. gardening, homesteading, and livestock Facebook groups that I have read a plethora of interesting posts on; lots of people sharing their experiences which I'm sure can be more useful and specific than what most books offer on Amazon.

Echo Global Farm in Ft. Meyers has a lot of neat resources in their book store. I think the next field day is in November. However, its worth a trip over there just to visit their nursery and the bookstore. I think there are some youtube videos floating around that show their set up.

Thanks for the tips guys.  I'm more of a book person vs social media, but for sure there's a lot more resources out there online.  I definitely want to visit Echo nursery soon.


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