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Ice cream bean holding a fruit

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Seems one of my trees is holding a fruit. It's either a inga feullei or edulis. Wish I would have labeled them, oh well. I'm very excited to try the fruit and hoping we get more rain since we've only had half the total yearly amount. Looks like it takes 3 months to mature so around February I should be able to test it if it holds on through winter. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Yea I know it's like a sri lanken weavil buffet over here. He's there hiding if you look closely.


I was really excited when mine finally fruited this year after flowing for a year or two but setting no fruit.  Mine is supposed to be an edulis.  I am still on the fence about keeping it long term, but I was able to make room for it in the greenhouse this winter. 

They seem to like a lot of water, I struggle to keep mine hydrated in its container, even in winter

Thanks Brian! Maybe you could grab one of those cheap kiddie pools and experiment with filling it up so it saves you some effort. All the ingas here need some real rain water so I'm contemplating running a pump out of the canal for my drip lines since it's probably better quality than the well. It just scares me that it could have all those weed killers and whatever else. Probably no different than the well besides the amount of fresh rain runoff. The well water isn't very good quality and high in dissolved solids, especially cause we're around 20ish" short on rainfall this year. Hoping next year we get back to normal.

A basin under the container is a good idea.  I bought a bunch of "water heater overflow/drip pans" when they were on clearance at the big box hardware store on year and I have been using them when I bring some of my larger containers indoors.  I should put one under the inga to retain the excess water.

I am not sure how sensitive ingas are to dissolved solids, I am fortune enough to have low-TDS piped water at a decent price. 

I'm using well water to irrigate mine. our well is 8.5+ PH and my Pacay is suffering badly. I give it chelated iron and zinc every now and then but its not helping much. I used to add sulfer every few months but I stopped due my extreme dislike of the sulfur smell.


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