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Hi everyone!
My name is Avery and cold hardy citrus is a passion I share with my wife here in North Carolina, zone 7b/8a. I have a lot of projects I'm looking forward to sharing in the future, but in the meantime, I would like to share a video I made where we reviewed a small assortment of cold hardy citrus varieties as well as some photos I took when we made a Citremon (Poncirus trifoliata x citrus limon) pie!

Video review:

Google doc with notes:

To date, we have the following (grafted) citrus varieties:
Trifoliate orange
Dunstan citrumelo
Pink eureka lemon
Thomasville citrangequat
Meyer lemon
Multi-grafted limequat (Eustis, Lakeland, Tavares)
Centennial kumquat
Nagami kumquat
Marumi kumquat
Australian finger lime
Giant finger lime
As well as the following (seedling) citrus varieties:
Tai Tri
Ichang lemon
Sacaton citrumelo
Dragon lime
Swingle citrumelo

This list will surely grow with time, and the end goal is to have fruiting specimens of all of the above! That's when the breeding fun will begin.

How would you describe the taste difference between a Marumi and Nagami kumquat


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What is the fingered-fruit?

Thank you for your video! I did not know that US852 tastes that good.

My only fruit of my little Dunstan Citrumelo fell off today. It was still green but slitely changing color. Although it was unripe the quality was again very good. No off-flavours. Good smell. Mildly sour with nice grapefruits / pumelo aroma and hardly any bitterness. I would say Dunstan Citrumelo is a must-have for anybody who wants to grow hardy citrus. My fruit was very seedy (from C. ichangensis pollen) but there was still a lot of pulp in it and it was juicy. Taste of the peel was bitter but not the typical awful taste of Poncirus hybrids. Could have been just a grapefruit peel. The only disadvantage: The juice contains a sticky substance. But that substance (most likely the same as in Poncirus) is absolutely tasteless and only about half as much as in Poncirus.

So gays, make that you get a Dunstan Citrumelo!


--- Quote from: poncirsguy on November 29, 2023, 02:53:55 PM ---How would you describe the taste difference between a Marumi and Nagami kumquat

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Honestly I can't say yet because these are new grafts on smaller rootstock, however I'll remember to compare them when they begin to fruit!


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