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update on hardy citrus collection in PNW, April 2021

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a small update:

The Sudachi is beginning to put out a flush of leaf growth, which is surprising because its older leaves right now look scant and not really the healthiest.

Surprisingly the little Ichangquat seedling that hasn't seemed to be doing that well, a few of its leaves are starting to green up and are still alive/functional. Those leaves have to be three years old by now. These few leaves look more green than they did last year, when the plant wasn't able to put out any leaf growth. And I think I am seeing the tiniest beginnings of little green bud growth.

I guess both of these plants appreciated the mild winter temperatures.

Ichang papeda, some of the leaves are slowly beginning to recover their green color.

Ichangquat seedling, some of the leaves are beginning to recover, which is surprising. The leaves looked so pale before. It still has not grown any new leaves.

Bloomsweet beginning to put out some solid new growth now, looks good

Keraji, on grafted rootstock, looks very good. Some sort of insects seem to have taken some bites out of some leaves.

pictures taken May 13, 2021

The Keraji now has flowers on it.

The blossoms smell like a mix of the flowers of Satsuma mandarin, combined with the blossoms of a mild sweet lemon, with a little bit of honeysuckle.
I am surprised there does seem to be a little bit of distinct lemon blossom smell to it.

June 5, 2021

The Bloomsweet has also very quickly grown out a big new branch with leaves.

In case anyone is curious, I have smelled the flowers of Bloomsweet before. It doesn't smell like grapefruit blossoms, but smells much more like the blossoms of sour orange, very beautifully and potently fragrant like a perfume ingredient, with a hint of bergamot and pomelo blossom.
I think there are things that can be learned from smelling and carefully observing the smell of the flowers. One can gain inferences about the genetics of ancestry, or even gain some idea of how the fruits may be likely to taste.

The two Ichang papeda plants have begun putting out new leaf growth

Here is the Bloomsweet. It is looking good, leaves are a very healthy green color and it has recently grown out a big new branch, which grew out very rapidly. In the background you can also see a Yuzu plant (also doing well, grafted on rootstock) and the edge of a special hardy Parfianka hardy pomegranate plant.

The Sudachi put out three little blossoms, and you can see what looks like the beginnings of a little fruit druplet on one of them.
overall the Sudachi looks a little ragged, like it is not growing the most vigorously or putting out the most growth, but the color of the leaves look reasonably healthy.

The Keraji (on grafted rootstock) has put out an abundance of blossoms, despite the plant not being that big, and it looks like it is doing very well.

The flowers right now I would say smell like orange blossoms mixed with Satsuma mandarin blossoms and regular mandarin blossoms.

The special Ichangquat seedling (which I suspect may be a hybrid with citrumelo) is also starting to put out a flush of new leaf growth.

pictures taken June 12, 2021


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