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Best fake spinach for FL summer

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Then I guess I'll have to try the greens! Thanks, D

I have eaten the greens from taro corns I bought at Publix (after boiling for 15 min) with no issues/itchyness. It is not Bun Long because it lacks the purple fibers, but it is in the same family (Dasheen type taro).

Iíve heard that echo nursery has a variety of taro specifically for leaves. Hope to go there soon when Iím traveling in that direction.

It is well worth the trip. You might call ahead and ask them if they have (or when they might have) a specific plant available. I think the plant you are refering to is Belembe (Xanthosoma brasilliense). At least, that is the one they mention in their compendium of warm climate fruits and vegetables. Apparently, Dr. Martin calls it the "Queen of Spinach." It does have to be cooked.

Rex Begonias:
Nothing does as well in my dry/shady yard as longevity spinach and okinawa spinach in close second as they must be very closely related.

Of all the kinds I've tried though, new zealand spinach tasted best to me, though it has yet to grow very well.  I'll keep trying it, sometimes it just takes a bit or experimenting with the conditions.

Bele I've been growing are a bit too tough of a texture for me, but maybe I've gotta get some better new growth or something.

Malabar seem to need more water than I have here.

I've got the sissoo/brazilian spinach going as well, and I had a leaf once that tasted great, but most of it since has been too tough and bitter, so maybe that one would be good in the right conditions/timing.

I love your title "best fake spinach," lol.


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