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Best fake spinach for FL summer

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Longevity spinach will handle full sun like a champ while Okinawan spinach likes it a little bit more shaded. These will take over an area and crowd out most weeds. I have them planted under most of my fruit trees.

Unfortunately tatsoi doesn't grow here in the summer as far as I know.  Maybe it's possible to create a microclimate.

I'm going to try amaranth/callaloo this summer as well.

I am in zone 9b, tatsoi grows very well over the fall/winter along with kale, chard, cabbage, etc.
Callaloo grows great over the summer, but will spread aggressively if it goes to seed.

Pan Dulce:
I just came across Talinum paniculatum, common names are Fame Flower, and Jewel of Opar. The leaves taste just like the baby spinach I buy at Publix. Itís native to South and North America.


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