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Searching for Aniseed Myrtle in US (Syzygium/Backhousia anisatum)


Hey everyone,

I am obsessed with Syzygium species, but also the licorice type flavored plants. I already have true star anise growing here in SWFL, but I've been looking for Backhousia/Syzygium anisatum for over a year now. There were a few australian websites that have it in stock (Daley's Fruit), but they don't ship to the US and I have no contacts in AU that I feel would be competent enough to send me plants.

Does anyone in the US have this plant by chance? Does anyone have contacts in AU that may be able to get seeds or established cuttings?

Hi WizardsTree,  Can you share a cutting or a thousand of your true star anise illicium verum?  I will buy!!  I do have friends in AU that I can ask about your Syzgium anisatum, but australia has terrible import/export rules now, they don't allow anything in or out of their country! (as far as plants and seeds).  Have you had any luck?  I will scour around for you, but would also love to get some star anise going here in 9b/10a where I'm at in sw florida!!

Hey there! I have tried several times to root cuttings and even an air layer with the star anise, but they just don't seem to take. I read they like cooler weather, so maybe they're just not liking how hot it is. I recently popped it in the ground and it's growing, so maybe that'll accelerate its health and I can try again. I'll keep you posted either way. The green cardamom has been SO much easier than star anise.

I believe it!  Definitly keep growing your star anise and let it get big!!!  It's a super valuable tree, especially here in Florida!  Try to make a bunch of cuttings once the tree gets a lot bigger.  That's what I do with k r a tom, and I've got a bunch going!  Cut the top leaves in half, and use a good rooting hormone!!  Good luck and stay in touch!


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