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Perennial fruits eaten as vegetables

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There's a lot of tropical perennial green leafies out there, but what about perennial alternatives to the wide array of fruits eaten as vegetables? A few come to mind: sesbania pods, tindora, and chayote. You can throw green jackfruit, green papaya, and avocados in there as well I suppose, but those are obvious. What are some perennial fruit vegetables (for lack of a better term) that you know of or have experience with?

Green bananas or plantains, winged bean, Mexican sour gherkin, and pigeon pea. Also, Eggplant and peppers are technically short lived perenials. Green mango is used like a vegetable in some Asian cooking. I have also read that opuntia fruits (presumably immature) can be pickled like a gherkin but have no experience personally to verify this.

Giant granadilla (Passiflora quadrangularis), cassabanana (Sicana odorifera, locally called melocotón).


I haven't eaten all these, but I'm trying / want to try:

Malabar gourd, Cucurbita ficifolia - immature fruit as summer squash
Wi apple, Spondias dulcis - immature fruit as pickles
Tonkin jasmine, Telosma cordata - Wikipedia says "The top, fruit and flowers can all be consumed as vegetables."
If we're counting young bean pods, we can add lablab and perhaps lima and Clitoria ternatea and Bauhinia purpurea and Leucaena leucocephala and Parkia speciosa to Galatians522's winged bean and pigeon pea.
Katuk, Sauropus androgynus
Joint fir, Gnetum gnemon
West African okra, Abelmoschus callei is supposed to be perennial, as is the "Nkruma tenten" variety of A. esculentus. I think bele/edible hibiscus, Abelmoschus manihot, can also make okra-like pods.
Whatever perennial mallow species can grow in the tropics should make the edible cheese wheels. We had one Malva parviflora (I believe) here.
Immature fruits of some other Artocarpus species can be eaten similar to green jackfruit, I think.
Moringa pods
Many people use starfruit as a tomato-esque veggie. (And perhaps bilimbi?)
Akee, Blighia sapida may qualify as a vegetable?
Eggplant grafted onto turkeyberry, Solanum torvum, is pretty reliably perennial.
Gboma eggplant, Solanum macrocarpon

Fun exercise!


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