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dioscorea Light Requirements


I've been growing true yams in my yard for a few years to get a bunch for propagation at our land South of here. Our yard is mostly bright shade or a few hours of sun. They grow really well in part sun conditions, but I see them struggling in more sun down South. Is this normal? Thanks!

Mine here in Florida grow fine in full sun as long as they have something to climb. I have noticed that young tender vines get burnt if they are laying on the ground. Once they are up on the pole they seem to be fine with full sun. In the wild (both where they are native and here in Florida) they grow in forested environments. So, when the vines are yoing they are in the shade. As they get older they make it to the tops of the trees and get full sun.

Thanks! I was thinking the same thing. I planted some bulbils a few feet apart. Some in full sun all day and some in bright shade most of the day. The ones in full sun died back, but the ones in shade seem fine. Lesson learned!

I'm in southern california, 15+ miles from the ocean.  I only grown dioscorea alata.  My humidity is bit dryer than Florida or Houston I think.  My young plants did not like full sun at all. I had to move them all to shade as they did not grow well in full sun for me. But once they got going and the vines reach up to full sun they loved it. But they just didn't like it when starting out.

They definitely don't like the South Florida direct sunlight. My vines creep out of the trellis shade get burnt and try to turn back to the shade if the tips aren't completely scorched.


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