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Thai Dwarf Mulberry Cuttings For Sale


Kevin Jones:

I need to trim my trees.
Cuttings are $2 each plus $12 priority shipping with 10 cutting minimum.
I always include plenty of extras!
If you're not familiar with this variety, it has large tasty fruit, it is super easy to root, almost 100% and makes a great rootstock for other grafted varieties.
I cut them the same day they ship for maximum freshness!

Here's my YouTube video about them:

Order here:

Thanks… Kevin

Kevin Jones:
Still have them available...


Hi Kevin, How much cold can they take?  Do you have them planted out? Ok in your climate? Thanks! Dan

Kevin Jones:
I'm in Zone 8ish... and they will freeze back to the ground with a hard freeze.... sprouting back from then roots in the Spring.
I have the best results growing them in containers and bringing them in the greenhouse for the Winter.
They do fine in a 5 gallon pot.


Thanks Kevin!


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