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A few available plants

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If you're interested in tropical veggies and herbs please see my full list in that section of the forum. However I do have these fruits available.

Yellow Hog plum seedlings $8 each
Rooted dragon fruits of several varieties but unfortunately lost track of which are which. $6 each
Glycomis pentaphylla seedlings $12 for the shorter one and $15 for the taller one since they are slow to start taking off. Took over a season to get them where they are.
Star fruit seeds 5 for $1 or sprouting ones while available at 5 for $2. Minimum of $4 if only getting seeds.

Price of plants or seeds plus applicable shipping.

Thanks! DG

D-Grower is the man!
Definitely check his plants out!

Thanks Ryan!

Hog plum fruits

Add the following on this thread.

1 available 6in potted cedar bay cherry $16(nice plant)
4in potted loquat seedlings $6 each

Also updates on other thread in veggie section

Larger glycomis sold.

Hog plums going fast only 2-3 left

Making an offer on the entire amount of star fruit seeds. Most seeds are sprouting now. There's probably at least 150 or 200+ seeds in the bag of moist moss. I'm gonna offer the whole bag for $15 plus shipping. Great opportunity to grow tons of seedlings for sale or grafting at a huge savings. Hit me up!


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