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Tropical Sunshine:
Thanks Kaz for providing fresh, healthy mulberry cuttings! In the previous order, Iíll give you an update...

The Black Pakistan cuttings were rooted. No leaf growth yet, but I did the scratch test on the bark and most are still green.

The Red Himalayans were grafted. To my surprise, most are still green and a couple of leaf buds on a few cuttings are showing signs of growth.

Now the bummer part. Not sure if it has to do with rootstock and scion compatibility issues or my grafting technique, but already many Australian Green grafts have dried out. It appears Australian Green variety is even more finicky at grafting than the White Shahtoot variety. I think I would like to try a few more Australian Green cuttings and, hopefully, I can get that bad boy to graft successfully...


I got some Valdosta cuttings from Jan before and they rooted easily. 3 for 3 rooted.

I would suspect it is easy to root since the two grafts I did grew vigorously and large real fast. Also, I didn't even know it has some green fruits starting since the branch was so tall, I just cut some back and only saw the fruits when I picked up the cut branches (5 ft). I also got my cuttings from Jan.


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