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Aloha friends. 

For years and years I have been on this forum and seen people post about all these wonderful sounding zill varieties of mangos and left to wonder why in the world no one in Hawaii is planting these mangos. 

As I ask around to all the main fruit people I know in Hawaii it seems that every farm basically circulates about 10-20 of the regularly seen mangos in Hawaii. (And donít get me wrong these mangos are amazing) However I wanted to branch out and do some experimenting now that I have a prime piece of property for mangos and see what all the hype is about.   So Iíve been importing grafted mangos over the last year or two and as of last week I have planted about 65 varieties.    With 10 or so more that I need to plant!   I wanted to share this list with all of you and include you on the journey.   I donít know what mangos will be successful here or not and to be honest Iím ok with the outcome.  There is only one way to find out and Iím doing it.

My mangos are planted every 20í and I plan to prune and guide these trees through their life to be great shaped, Low canopy and highly productive.  My inspiration to undertake this project was two summers ago attending the ďkona mango festivalĒ on the big island of Hawaii (where I live) and being so disappointed with the complete lack of mangos here and flavors.   Seems like in Hawaii everyone grows Haden. Keitt.  R2e2.  And 3-4 other classics.    Weíll buckle up kona cause Iím about to introduce you to some new flavors that nobody in Hawaii has ever seen the likes of.   To you guys in Florida this will probably seem like a normal list of mangos you might have in your orchard.  But in Hawaii I dare say this will be the most diverse mango collection planted on my island.  (If someone knows of another person on big island with an extensive collection pls let me know.   Iíd love to collaborate).  Here is the list so far.    Any comments or tips are appreciated and any other must haves that Iím missing please help me find them.    Hoping to have 100 varieties when itís all said and done. 

Behold the list.

Valencia pride
Sweet tart
Orange sherbet
Lemon zest
Coconut cream
Cotton candy
Pineapple pleasure
Golden glow
Brooks late
Ceci love
PiŮa colada
CrŤme brŻlťe
Ice cream
Peach cobbler
Juicy peach

Alampur beneshan/imam passand
Fruit cocktail
Nam doc Mai #4
White pirie

Row 3
Southern blush
Orange essence

Lemon zest
Harvest moon
Triple sec
Fruit punch
Super Alphonso
Juicy peach
Madmam Francis
Momi K
Mystery lost tag :( (maybe ataulfo)
Raw honey
Maha Chanok

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lara farms = awesome
« on: February 23, 2022, 11:46:38 PM »
Anyone looking for awesome grafted fruit trees check out Lara farms.  Super reasonable and shipping is also very reasonable.   And I live in Hawaii!!!   I just got 6 jackfruit trees today.  They arrived packaged incredibly well.  Healthy and happy.    Shipping was like $138 for these 6 trees to Hawaii.  Top tropicals was literally $679 to ship 6 jackfruits.  No exaggeration.   What a joke.   Anyways these jackfruits arrived today After almost a week of shipping to get here.   I was shocked how good they looked.  Potting soil was still wet inside packaging. 🤯.   

I also ordered 25 grafted mango trees from them.   (Arriving tomorrow) Will post pics of how they arrive.   But Julian over there is doing a great job.   Check em out.   

Does anyone have a grafted tree theyíd be willing to sell and ship to Hawaii?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Florida mangos in Hawaii. All good??
« on: February 17, 2022, 10:34:54 AM »
Hi guys.  This may sound like a silly question.  Since more than likely anything that fruits in Florida will probably fruit in Hawaii just as easily.   But I stumbled across Lara farms website recently (super cool and very fair prices I might say).  And they have like 75 varieties of grafted mangos for sale.    Iíve always been so curious why Florida has all the coolest types of mangos.   Peach cobbler and lemon zest and fruit punch and all these crazy names that truly sound amazing. But In Hawaii you really only find 7-10 varieties that are sold here.   Weird.   

Long story short I wanna buy a bunch of these grafted trees and plant at my other place in kona.  Just wondering if there is anything Iím missingÖ.  Will they grow and fruit here for me as well as they do in Florida??   

Calling in the experts here.    When I research these trees they both seem to be loosely called the same thing.  Spanish lime, quenip. Mamoncillo. etc etc.   

I bought seeds a few years ago from
Someone on the forum and I believe they were melicoccus oliviformus.   I remember the description saying something about them being different than than normal Spanish lime.  Superior in some way but I donít recall why or how.   Does anyone grow this tree?   I have 4-5 big healthy trees in pots and Iím wondering how many I need to plant in order to get a good fruit set and how big they get?

Also wondering the difference between these two trees!  Help.

Hi Friends.. I'm about to plant out a durian orchard of 21 trees..  I've spent a considerable sum to make this area perfect for planting... all the holes were dug with an excavator and jackhammered through any and all rocks and lava slabs... the holes are honestly like 4-5' deep and just as wide... now filled with soil and small rocks and compost... 

 I'm planning on setting up a hard pipe PVC irrigation to keep the trees nice and hydrated in their early years.  i'm wondering what is the best set up for these trees to water?   Debating between and 18" riser to water in the direction of the trees... vs a tree ring drip system in a circle around the trees.... vs a underground bubbler.   so many choices!   i will be making mulch rings around the trees and also planting 6-8 pigeon pea trees in a circle around each tree to provide shade around the young trees too...  but until the pigeon peas are tall enough i'm gonna need some shade cages..

Couple things to consider.. 
-pigs and animals are not an issue for me because i've built rock walls around my entire property.
-wind is a non issue.   the area is very well protected and realistically never gets any wind. 
-i don't really wanna do steel fence posts and pound them into the ground and i'm trying not to use a bunch of fencing either..  its a lot of material for 21 trees... especially if i only use the cages for a year. or less.. 
-does anyone have success with a box type set up (thinking like 2x2's screwed together) that you set over top of the planting area?  like 4' tall  4' across and wrapping the shade cloth up one side over the top and down the other side... like an upside down U.  but open on two sides  (basically the north and south sides... so the shade cage tracks the sun rising and going over the top)  thoughts? anyone done this? 

thanks guys!

Has anyone else seen and lusted over the bright orange crisp jackfruit from paul zink's farm in costa rica?  i saw a you tube clip with people visiting his farm and he cut one open with a machete.. ZERO latex, Bright orange fruit, Big Pods...  and everyone in the video said it was unreal. 

I messaged paul and he says he cannot ship seeds out of costa rica... shucks..  wondering if this is a named variety he has or if anyone has a grafted tree of this same variety...

I NEED one of these trees!  hahaha   please let me know if any of you have any leads on how i can get one.  Thanks 

I got 5 plants from our friend Adam (flying fox fruits) and I thought all 5 were garcinia aristata.   But recently had a friend come over and thought 2-3 or them were something else.  Much more vertical growth.  Anyways now one of the plants is flowering.   Help me identify.   And also is this garcinia Hermaphrodite? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / First rain forest plum (Eugenia candolleana)
« on: January 16, 2020, 06:25:31 PM »
Been about 4-5 years for this.   Taste is great!   Fun little fruit.  Prefer the taste over some other Eugenia.  The bush is about 3-4 ft tall and wide.

Anyone growing this in Hawaii or on big island more specifically?   I just saw on Paul Zink Instagram and it looks very tasty.   And I wanna plant it!

Fresh fruit and seeds from Hawaii.  These fruits are a little bigger than a golf ball.  Good flesh to seed ratio.  Between 1-3 seeds per fruit.   Delicious fruit with a lemon head candy type taste but sweeter than lemon drop Mangosteen.  Seeds sprout easily and trees are hearty and do not require so much water like purple Mangosteen.   Def worth growing and fun to snack on. 

Minimum order 10 seeds for $30.   Includes shipping. 

Anything over 10 seeds is $2/seed.    Shipping is $7.   

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Making my cherimoya flower!
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:32:26 AM »
I have a nice healthy grafted "selma" cherimoya tree in my yard...  all my atemoyays are flowering like crazy, but not the cherimoya.   Im thinking its probably not cold enough.  I'm in Kona side of the big island of hawaii  at 1700-1800 feet.  it does get a little chilly here.. but maybe not enough..

Is there a specific fertilizer or chemical treatment i can do that will induce flowering?  or hurting the tree?   Help! i want fruit!

Ok does anyone know what variety of jackfruit this is?  Or better yet does anyone have this tree?   I saw this video on your tube and I pretty much am gonna make it my quest to grow this.  All the guys visiting Paulís farm were raving about this saying it was the best jackfruit theyíd ever had.     So naturally I need it

has anyone done this?  seems like all my atemoya flowers are always female at the wrong times... no males open   but i've got rollinia pollen for days.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / wanted Ackee
« on: April 27, 2019, 05:10:47 AM »
anyone have Ackee for sale?  trees or seeds?   anyone in hawaii... or willing to ship to hawaii?  thanks

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wanted Olosapo
« on: April 27, 2019, 04:47:05 AM »
Does anyone have trees?  seeds?  need shipped to Hawaii.  Does grow true to seed or is supposed to be grafted..  THANKS!

Delicious fruit. Germinates really easily. Tastes like a lemon candy.  Sweet and tart

10 seeds minimum order for $20.  Plus shipping.

Send PM

Hi friends... i was able to bring back seeds from my last two trips to Thailand and Malaysia and have seedling durians from the following cultivars. I have too many plants in my nursery and am interested in selling a few..  the plants are in special 16" deep pots.. and are about 2 years old. 

Black Thorn
Musang king

Puang Manee
Nokka chip
Hawk Talon
and a few others that were top notch. 

These are not grafted trees, but they are definitely coming from amazingly high quality parent fruits.  please PM if interested. 

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / grafted Mammea Apple wanted.
« on: September 06, 2018, 03:33:30 AM »
Hi My big island friends... do any of you have Mammea apple?  i'm pretty sure thats what people call it... (big round brown skinned fruit... orange inside... tastes like an apricot mango)   anyways  i know that frankie's nursery on oahu has... but i'm not in oahu.  Help! 


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chempedek from seed
« on: September 04, 2018, 03:43:39 AM »
So I ordered some chempedek seeds from seed pirates over in Borneo or Malaysia somewhere.    Some kind of king chempedek variety... bright orange.  Anyways I planted the seedling today and was wondering if anyone know about how tall/wide/big this tree will get?  Also are they true to seed?  What are my chances??    Iíve got the tree on a drip emitter so it should get some tlc.

Oscar or any other experts out there I think this is a male tree right?   Looks like it has the pollen. 

Tree is about 5í tall.   

Any chance someone in Hawaii has one or two of these trees available? Lmk please

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Artocarpus collection and spacing
« on: April 21, 2018, 01:22:20 AM »
Well friends.  Iíve been working on a project for almost a year now thatís coming to completion!  Backfilling a 200 ft long retaining wall at the bottom of my property.  I am planning out the trees to plant and I will be laying irrigation lines with drip system as well.  So the trees will get some TLC

Itís left me with an area approximately 200 ft long and 60 ft wide.   Hereís what Iím planning on planting in the space:

Artocarpus elasticus (already in the ground.  10í tall and has been topped)
2 Keledang
Artocarpus chama??   Not sure the real name
2-3 marang
2-3 pedalai
2 artocarpus hirisutus
2 chempedek

Hereís the question for you experts out there. Do all these trees need equal spacing??  I know the pedalai wants to get huge and the marang too. I am planning on doing some serious top working on all these trees FYI...  and also Am I missing any must have artocarpus??

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia Prainiana (cherapu) first flowers
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:29:07 PM »
Iím stoked to see at least one of my four trees pushing new flowers. Canít wait to see if they are male or female...   hopefully I donít get all male trees.   Will also post updated photos once they bloom

Iíve got two trees about 4-5í tall and two that are much smaller.  About 1í tall

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pedalai in Hawaii
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:06:58 AM »
Anyone growing Pedalai in Hawaii?  more specifically the Big Island?  and if so how long have your trees been in the ground... fruiting?   I tried Pedalai when i was in Malaysia and it was soooooo good.   i preferred it over Marang..  i need a tree if anyone has one available...  oscar??

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