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My mango tree fertilization plan for this November----

On my lesser blooming trees  I am going to lay down a 50/50 mix of convention 10-10-10 and 8-3-9. All with the idea that the potassium and nitrogen in them will stimulate bloom. In Philippines they spray potassium nitrate to stimulate bloom

October-November-December.... Which month is best to do this? Has anyone burned mango trees with 10-10-10? Now I am thinking two smaller applications in November and December will be better.
For a fairly wide 17ft high tree how much of this fertilizer mix?

Thanks! All input  is appreciated.

I am basically done. I had six trees in need of serious cutbacks and I did it this week.  I have half a tree left,  as in I am going into the center of it with an electric polesaw to make it more of a teacup shape. Half the time the trimmings are thrown in with the garbage pick up.

But half the time I take the leaves and young green branches.... Throw them on my lawn and go over them my lawn mower to add to lawn humus. As October approaches I look for apically dominant branches that shoot upward. There will be just a few, but to cut them down to the same level as the more patient branches.

What month is good to fertilize with potassium? October?

I will admit I am a cherry fanatic ever since George Washington chopped that cherry tree down. In my youth we had a neighbor. Her husband was a serious architect. They had a tart cheery tree, I gathered many of the cherries for....  my mother who baked pies from them. Go to Aldi and at $2.20/lb you can get nice black dead ripe cherriesfrom Washington State.  Like I did two days ago.These cherries transport here to South Florida better than any mango sent up there at 3.300 miles away. Check it out

I will never pay that per pound price for mangoes that are just as delicious. Got me own trees out back. I think I have a cherry vs pina colada mango mix this week/  I wuz robbed (lulz) of my last 6 Carries (very green and rock hard) by (he payed for this) by a Bangladeshi mango fanatic who has children who like... and according to him. And I have seen her. His wife teaches at the local Islamic school  Al Azar near McNab and University in Tamarac.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Watermelon ripeness
« on: June 02, 2020, 03:34:29 PM »
Not growing but just buying. I saw some very nice seeded in Walmart the other day. All over all you see are seedless but Walmart still gets in seeded for the trad hold outs. When the hold outs die off we will all be eating xxxx

Your vote:
Seeded vs seedless
What do you look for in a supermarket watermelon? I look for a large yellow underbelly.

Hi All

On one mango tree I have some 3" diameter branches that I would like to see new branches coming out lower down from where it is presently branching out. You know how thick the bark is on a 3" diameter. I am thinking of using my electric drill to drill 6 holes that new branches will emerge from. I am thinking of going 1/4" deep with either a 1/8" or 1/4" drill bit. Does this make any sense? The same thing could be done to the trunk of a mango tree that is 3" in diameter.

Will drilling these holes stimulate this branch to put out new branches lower down?

Also does anyone have some other brilliant ideas for how to induce new branches on a mango or avocado tree? Would a slit with a knife work better? Thanks!

Potassium Nitrate is supposed to only work on tropical grown mangoes to induce blooming. Philippines is where its use originated. Since winters are getting warm in SE Floridian maybe it will work here now.

How to apply Potassium nitrate
Reminiscent of tropical summer sunshine, ripe mangoes are a favorite fruit of many people. Like other fruit trees, mango trees (Mangifera indica) must blossom in order to bear fruit. For years, these trees were hard to cultivate since they naturally flower erratically, often skipping every other year. In the 1970s, Dr. Ramon Barba, a horticulturist from the Philippines, figured out how to force mango trees to flower by applying potassium nitrate to the tree's trunk and foliage. This system of chemical forcing is still in use today, including among backyard mango growers.

Potassium nitrate at Amazon   (don't get the granular)
7 months old
Philippines overflows with millions of mangoes as El Niño takes effect
 This article is more than 7 months old
Agriculture department sets up stalls around Manila in bid to get rid of fruit before it rots

The Philippines government has launched cooking classes to inspire people with mango recipes. Photograph: Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images
The Philippines is struggling under the weight of a sweet but troublesome burden: a glut of 2m mangoes.

The agriculture secretary, Emmanuel Piñol, said mango farmers had reported an “unusual increase” in the harvest, which they had attributed to El Niño, the climate phenomenon that has led to unusually hot, dry weather this year.

One the Philippine island of Luzon alone there is a surplus of about 2m kg of mangoes, according to Piñol, an oversupply that has led the price to drop from 58 pesos (88p) to as low as 25 pesos (38p) per kilogram.

Piñol stressed the urgency of dealing with the glut before the fruit went to waste and sent the price of mangoes crashing further, hurting farmers. “We need to do something about this in the next two weeks,” he added.

In a bid to make sure that the excess mangoes do not rot, the agriculture department has launched a marketing campaign, dubbed “Metro Mango”, to try to shift a million kilograms of the fruit in Metro Manila, with stalls selling mangoes to be put up all around the capital throughout June. The fresh mangoes will be sold at 25 pesos (38p) to 50 pesos (75p) a kilogram to entice buyers, who will get the low prices only if they buy in bulk.

The department has also launched cooking classes to teach people how to cook with mangoes and will be holding a mango festival in mid-June in a bid to drum up excitement and demand for the fruit.

Some farmers in Luzon, where the oversupply is concentrated, have taken to giving away their mangoes free, hanging bountiful bags of the fruit outside the gates of their farms.

Foreign interest in the cheap mangoes is helping ease the burden. A Japanese fruit importer has pledged to purchase 100,000kg of the mangoes, though this still leaves 1.9m kg to shift. Piñol said it were also hoping to increase daily mango imports to Hong Kong and Dubai.

I say 50%-60% are grown from seed and those trees are blooming better this year. I drove through the neighborhood next to mine that has many mango trees. I saw many healthy blooms and many with half inch size or smaller mangoes hanging.

And to think of all the times I have told people to buy grafted, known varieties from a nursery. I can tell my advice goes in one ear and out the other. That they will keep planting from seed.

Saying this today before the new 2020 decade coming, this is an obscured by clouds morning. We have a very unusual winter with all this intermittent rain, quick showers and drizzle. The SE Florida model is torrential rains  during summer months. Our current 30 days weather and rain defies the norm.

The main reason I keep weather track and keep noticing each day is for the mango panicales health and fruiting for 2020. And my grass lawn too. I need to have green all around me even though I am a ... Trump voter. Is Broward County very green as far as trees and shrubbery all around? Yes we are.

I was told it is late season by the owner of this nursery>>>

Tropic Plants
 Yelp (29) · Nursery & Gardening
7910 N University Dr, Tamarac · (954) 724-1955

Btw He has a good selection of mango trees that he prolly wants to clear out. Better see him before Christmas because after Christmas he is closing for 5 months for renovation. Why? Because he sold half his land to the building next to him. They are a medical center and will put in more parking lot. So..... Medical center expanding and plant nursery contracting. Good for him selling at peak real estate bubble.
6 weeks ago I bought an Orange Sherbet mango tree there.

He also has lots of avocados, Lula avocado and other tropicals, concrete lawn ornaments and amazing bonsai. Check out his hours at Yelp because closed Monday and Tuesday iirc.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / 50,000 Apples Stolen From Indiana Orchard
« on: September 29, 2019, 08:58:56 AM »
50,000 Apples Stolen From Indiana Orchard
1,763 views•Sep 25, 2019
Orchard owner says the apples were stolen to make apple sauce or apple cider. btw go to Aldis if you like apple cider. $3.49/gallon. They are giving this stuff away.

Yikes this new Dell 5575 Ryzen laptop (used gotten off ebay but new to me) is flying even with an inferior KingSpec 256GB NVME card inserted as the Windows Ten Operating System. Look at Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen for NVME options.

You buy or build new computer.......make sure it is full M.2 NVME capable...and not an inferior M.2 SATA slot meaning you get no better speed than traditional SSD drives by Samsung etc.   Many motherboards are NVME and I just might build an Asrock B450 mobo desktop computer. Build on this this Asrock Motherboard with a Ryzen 2400G>>>>

The NVME hard drives with much faster reads and writes are taking over so fast that NVME at 256GB are about the same price as ye old SSD

Just might buy this Juliette, depending on what members say here. Taste and productivity are what I look for. This tree grows more vigorously than Julie mango from what I hear.

I just might buy an OS tree.
My question is how is it as a producer each year? For South Florida conditions, is OS reliable to produce each year?
Many thanks for comments

I know the fruit gets high ratings etc.

These don't show up in this week's Aldi's online adverts (33321) or next week' not sure what is going on/ They are getting sloppy?
But yesterday I saw them in my local 33321 Aldis at McNab and University.

Remember that bypass loppers are lighter so good for going in for quick and dirty pruning while anvil are for thicker branches. Anvil will do all while bypass are not as strong. I have both kinds

Also sighted were anvil pruning shears at $6.99 for two in a two pack. These are good for backups plus have those Felco type springs that you can steal and put into a superior pruning shear. The kind that cuts through 3/4 inch branches w ease. Yup I had to do this three years ago in a pinch w my Felco.

Felco spring--- Go be a beggar at Amazon for $11...Ouch! ....currently  $9.02 at ebay......

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Hass 39¢ at Aldis in South Florida
« on: January 27, 2019, 01:15:18 AM »
Delish and near ripe. Small sproutable seeds. Ate one yesterday with a hamburger. Will eat another today.



JF likes top photo.  Under that is Alachua Muscadine and a Meyer lemon for planting in 2019/

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Walmart mango sighting
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:32:45 PM »
In Walmart last weekend there were mangoes going 2 for a dollar. Really colorful red ones and medium large size......looking really nice. I picked one up and squinted at the label. Ecuador it said. The mangoes were rock hard. I wonder what it looked like inside but I decided not so spend 50¢ to find out

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Your mango policy?
« on: June 24, 2018, 01:48:02 PM »
Mine is basically first come, first served. There is some telephone communication but with the no-shows and the unexpecteds who arrive without notice. Like this morning.....  I just want to move them
Mangoes are too perishable at their peak to let sit around.
So he who gets here first gets the pick of the crop.
I also allow people to pick off the tree...partly because they see hidden ripe ones that I do not. Most who come here are attuned with mango seeking-radar.

Oooppps ....Just had another unexpected (but he has been here often) come by 15 minutes ago. He found seven hidden ones just after another mango hunter left, who I thought scooped up everything that was good for today

And Alex - Squam was right! I will try to find his prediction made back in January or February.
I am talking SE Florida counties
Manatee - Sarasota- St Petersberg - West Coast Florida mango trees must be early too.

I am getting lots of mango drops for the past week.
My estimate is SE Florida mangoes are three weeks earlier than the usual.

I just want to praise the little mango that could. Large size seed, small size mango. No nice coloration such as reds, pinks, purples. A high seed to flesh ratio. But even with our heavy rains they are full flavor. My Carries taste good but bland enough for bsbullie to savor. Pickerings are bland with a few full taste ones. Those are my three that have gotten edible so far.

Fairchild has a good rep for fungus resistance and in fruiting each year. Though I admit last year mine put out no fruit, the only time in 8 years.

Pina Colada and Fairchild are two manageable trees. Meaning they are not mad (vigorous) growers and can be kept  to smaller size. Both have fruits that thieves will tend to pass by as compared to mangoes that are red and large or have other nice coloration. Pinks and purples.

Sighted at my local Aldi at McNab and University in Broward County... There were three all boxed up and ready to go out the door and they have been there for a while....

You might see same over stocking where you are. Aldi over ordered from MTD manufacturing. Obviously. You can go to yard machines/mtd website and I will bet you will see the one Aldi is carrying.

Briggs Stratton 140cc engine   500 series engine
Push  these are not self propelled
Originally at $159 a few weeks back now at $114

Tropical Fruit Discussion / All About Fertilizing Mango Trees
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:41:19 PM »
All About Fertilizing Mango Trees  -- From Chris at Truly Tropical in Delray, Florida in Palm Beach County
Mangos in South Florida benefit from nutrients that are not naturally available in local soils. Of course there are many mango trees that look healthy and produce nice fruit without intervention, but providing additional nutrients can improve the health and productivity of your tree, and the quality of your fruit.

First, there is an overview of the macronutrients and micronutrients important to mango trees. Then, Mr. Har Mahdeem, a tropical fruit tree expert, discusses the different types of conventional and organic fertilizers available for mango trees. Mango trees at different ages and stages have different fertilizer requirements.

Finally, Chris talks about what fertilizers we use at Truly Tropical and how to properly apply fertilizer to your mango tree. Har Mahdeem has a consulting and tree care business in Palm Beach and Broward County. Among other things, he applies fertilizer to tropical fruit trees. To contact Har, call (561)-523-6599.

Chris at Truly Tropical tries to do this.
How can this be done successfully?  Get the mango tree to put out new leaves and branches where you want it to

My store had both kinds but the way they were displayed.... They were not displayed side by side but in single file. So the box of anvil loppers hid the box of bypass loppers. So look carefully.

They also have two pruning shears for $4.00/  They are kind of weak but they use the kind of spring Felco pruners use

So if you buy them you will have two springs in reserve. I already robbed one to put in my Felco

aldi circular on line >>>>

Also axes and sledge hammers $9.99

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