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Loquat Fruits - 2021 Season of Ripening Now ??

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Hi, just wondering if you can post when your loquat fruits are starting ti ripen/turn color. Seems like just reading the spec sheets on each variety doesn't always match the reality of when different varieties ripen here in the states.

Please list the variety name (if you know it), and maybe a photo of the fruits so we can document when loquats ripen in the USA locations. So provide the following three information:
1) Variety
2) Your location
3) Photo of fruit, if you can take one picture and post here.

I will start off with one today.

1. Big Jim, fruit has some cluster of fruits which have started to turn yellow/orange and ripe (Feb 28)
2. My location, Fullerton CA
3. Photo to be added later tonight.

Please start listing in this post and I will collect this data and put it in a table of loquat "season of ripeness".
It would be nice if we can get everyone to input for the entire year.

Thanks, Kaz

Some fruits on my Big Jim on two trees, BJ#1 & BJ#2 are ripe. Taste was good but not as sweet as the next fruiting (major) on these trees in a few months (end of April, start of May). These fruits still needs to get riper, another 1-2wks.

The fruits in April-May is larger (size of egg) and majority of the fruit clusters finishes ripening and have excellent sweet tastes.

Special note:
My BJ#1 tree is my multi-grafted tree (54 variety so far) so it might not have as much fruit as last year. It has over 100 grafts. This is my supergrowth tree so those who purchased some scions last year will have this super healthy strain. Last year I had 75 lbs of fruit from this tree.

The BJ#2 tree has three fruiting cycles; Feb-March, April, November. First and Third ripe fruits have smaller clusters and not as sweet as April fruits.

BJ#1, Tasted 2-28-21

BJ#2, Tasted 2-23-21

mine are still green.  Mid to late April is the season here.

Have a couple starting to yellow, but I'm not expecting to get to that stage for a while.

Yes, most of my loquat fruits ripen from April - May here.
The photos of the ripe Big Jim fruits are on some branches that seems to get early fruits. Rest of the tree still has green fruits now.


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