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Mango thief on the loose!

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Check this out, this douche bag goes out and wipes the whole tree clean.

If anyone recognizes please report it to the authorities. Thievery is a crime.

Mango season should always bring out the best in us, not the opposite.

One puts out so much time, energy, effort, funds and waits patiently for this special season of the year only to be robbed?

What a scrounger!  Arrrrggghhhhhhhhh


I wonder if it would help to write "Stolen!" in Magic Marker on each mango while it's still in the tree? Or maybe a rubber ink stamp with your phone number on it. You just know that Marielito is selling them at a flea market somewhere, and maybe his customers might not want stolen fruit.

Excellant video & should be good enough to i.d. the thief.....

I had a few taken last year but they ran off due to activity on the street and 2 people glanced at them but did not want to pursue it with police.

So this year I have cameras ready like you have and I hope I don't video them stealing as I want my mangos; but if I do I will post the shamming crime for all to see...

I also put up no trespassing & video monitoring signs as I had just as well not have to try to find a criminal. I prefer scaring them off my property before anything is stolen.

Video looks great, good job... Also great that you got the TV station to broadcast & spread the shame to the thiefs friends etc...

Video is from 2018.

This guy has a problem of his right hip joint! He may have fallen from his ladder some time back.


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