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Raised bed set up for cucumbers


Well out temps are tropical in the summer and spring and fall so I think it fits here. I am working on a large multi-year raised bed garden and my first over-engineered bed is just about done. Its 30" tall 4'x4'. Full sun. I want to grow pickling cukes. Would putting up a north, east and west sided trellis work in this case? I am thinking all three sides should end up getting enough sun at various times of the day and maybe provide a little shade to each other so it isn't too intense.

I'm sure it would work. Hurry up, the window for success in cucurbits is closing soon. June and beyond is dismal with very high pest pressure. So, pickles would be a good thing as they are quick & can be stored till next year. I just decided to attempt some pumpkins/calabaza but am running late. I grow the Seminole pumpkin which can store a year if lucky.

I have the seeds already in trays. I need to pick up some thick black weed cloth at lunch and I will start filling the bed with dirt. I should be ready long before the cukes have popped up. I have had middling results with seeds in the past so I might end up ordering starters from somewhere.

Next day update, as I am used to trying to do tropical fruit trees and such by seeds when I cant find seedlings I am used to long germination times. I put those cuke seeds into seed trays on Monday and yesterday they were already pushing up so I will be finishing off that bed and filling it with soil this weekend.


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