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The leaves of Sweet Potatoes taste good when raw or cooked... IMO

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No need to show if this topic has been mentioned before but I did not see it in a quick search but I think it would be a significant green leafy food addition to our diet.

Sweet potato leaves were picked by my wife from some sweet potato bulbs lightly covered with soil and watered for 2 weeks and there are a lot of leaves to eat.

I was surprised that they actually have a sweetness IMO when even eaten raw. Much better eaten raw than things like moringa or dollar weed IMO... Give them a try for your veggies as very easy to grow almost anywhere...

Now my wife also uses moringa leaves in many toppings to various dinners and I consider it more acrid and vinegar tasting & to be complemented with vinegar for a nice tartness on fish etc.

I am looking forward to the new sweet additional taste when she cooks.

I agree, and am growing some just for that purpose. Unfortunately, my first planting was decimated by rabbits (who love sweet potato vines). We eat the tender growth tips in stir fry and they are excellent. My wife does not like slimey textures, so a lot of tropical greens turn her off. She really liked sweet potato greens, though. They also make good feed for livestock because they are high in protein (which is probably why the rabbits like them).


The rabbits haven't gotten hers yet. Either black cow or potting soil for growth and to hold moisture. We will probably move the box on a stainless steel table outside in partial shade to allow a few of the vines growth area while still being above the rabbits at night.

The potting soil and or black cow will lower your chance of nematodes, virus, and bacteria, infection vs. local soil in South Florida as we do not have the cold winter that most of the U.S. has to help decrease the pathogens.


Sweet potato vines growing in old recycle bin placed on top of old table.

My wife and I were looking up information on nutrition of the sweet potato leaves vs. the sweet potato bulb vs. spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. and it seems to have as much or more nutrition and is sooo easier and quicker to grow than other veggies.

So the question goes to why is it not in the local supermarkets? I just find spinach, turnip greens, lettuce, etc. at my location.

My guess is that it is just too easy to grow and anyone with just a inkling of knowledge would switch from buying their greens at the supermarket to just growing their own in a small container? Just a little food for thought and perhaps one should at least give this a try to supplement their greens that they eat...

Back in the mid 1970s when I was in grad school, I came across a book in the KSU library with the title Sweet Potatoes.  It was the proceeding of a conference of sweet potato breeders.  Included were a few chapters on sweet potato leaves.  One was on nutrition of sweet potatoes.  They are better for us than most greens.  In some cultures their leaves are a significant part of the diet.  Some varieties are grown just for the leaves.  I tried eating some and i love them.  They are good in salads and stir fries.


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