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The leaves of Sweet Potatoes taste good when raw or cooked... IMO

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--- Quote from: JoshuaTilaranCR on March 27, 2021, 06:27:14 PM ---Someone mentioned they taste like marshmallows, what do the people that have eaten it think?

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Not at all like marshmallows but I wish they did... lol...

More like greens a little sweet on some leaves but not on others and not sure why.

--- Quote from: RollingInTheWeeds on March 29, 2021, 05:01:40 PM ---He mentioned once that just sticking a sweet potato from the store into the ground wasn't a good idea because of soil pathogens they might carry (he didn't tell me the specifics, and I wasn't interested enough at the time to ask for more information).  But it makes me wonder now if I could find what he grew at a Filipino grocery.

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It makes me wonder if he knew what he was talking about... lol
I see no reason why you could not grow your own vines from sweet potato store purchased and put into the ground....

A few exceptions would exist like putting your sweet potato bulbs into human sewage would be a no  no in my opinion as heavy metals and virus might be eaten.... But I don't think you would do that and hope your friend did not in the Philippeans or locally...   Be Clean, be Safe....

I am almost certain that all vines do not taste the same but have not tried enough types of Sweet Potatoes to comment except that I would have no problem trying other choices if available... till then store bought is fine for me if in regular clean soil. I prefer above ground pots etc. due to my nematode problems in S. Fl.

 I read a report once that said certain nematodes can be spread by planting infected sweet potato tubers. One solution is to sprout potato and then root cuttings of the vines. Apparently this lessens the chances of transfering nematodes.


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