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The leaves of Sweet Potatoes taste good when raw or cooked... IMO

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They wilt quickly. I think that is why they are not sold much in the grocery store. Water spinach (Ipomea Aquatica) is a sweet potato relative grown in SE asia for its leaves and stems. It is the most common vegetable in some places from what I understand. However, it is illiegal to grow in Florida because it is an aquatic invasive. One advantage it has over sweet potato greens is a lower oxilate content. It would be neat to see if there were any hybrids between the two.

Someone mentioned they taste like marshmallows, what do the people that have eaten it think?


--- Quote from: palmcity on March 24, 2021, 10:46:53 AM ---No need to show if this topic has been mentioned before but I did not see it in a quick search but I think it would be a significant green leafy food addition to our diet.

Sweet potato leaves were picked by my wife from some sweet potato bulbs lightly covered with soil and watered for 2 weeks and there are a lot of leaves to eat.

I was surprised that they actually have a sweetness IMO when even eaten raw. Much better eaten raw than things like moringa or dollar weed IMO... Give them a try for your veggies as very easy to grow almost anywhere...

Now my wife also uses moringa leaves in many toppings to various dinners and I consider it more acrid and vinegar tasting & to be complemented with vinegar for a nice tartness on fish etc.

I am looking forward to the new sweet additional taste when she cooks.

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I dry moringa leaves, then crush into powder.  It's good to store, and it takes away the horseradish bite.  Are yam leaves also good to eat?


--- Quote from: JoshuaTilaranCR on March 27, 2021, 06:27:14 PM ---Someone mentioned they taste like marshmallows, what do the people that have eaten it think?

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They do not taste like marshmallows to me.

I used to have a Filipino neighbor who grew sweet potato to eat the leaves, but I think he had a particular variety he had selected for the purpose.  The vine and leaves were dark purple.  He mentioned once that just sticking a sweet potato from the store into the ground wasn't a good idea because of soil pathogens they might carry (he didn't tell me the specifics, and I wasn't interested enough at the time to ask for more information).  But it makes me wonder now if I could find what he grew at a Filipino grocery.


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