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Fig hedge

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I've just written to the rolling river nursery in Oakland, CA (zone 10). They sell quite a lot of honeyberries, and they claim that they have seen all of the below honeyberry varietals fruit at their nursery. I'm quite surprised, because some of these are early bloomers.

Berry Blue
Blue Belle
Blue Bird
Blue Forest
Blue Hokkaido
Blue Mist
Blue Moon
Blue Nova
Blue Pacific
Blue Pagoda
Blue Sea
Blue Sky
Blue Velvet
Smokey Blue

I saw an interesting and special idea about Japanese Hedge Bamboo and I liked it so I think I will do such a fence. My wife does not like this idea, and at the moment I'm trying to convince her and I hope to succeed. She wants a simple wooden fence, but I explained that this is something simple and all of our neighbors have such a  fence, but if we do from Bamboo, we will be ingenious. I read an article about this and I saw it could grow up to 3 meters in length and that has captivated me even more.


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