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What % shade cloth is recommended ?


I know different kinds of plants prefer different amount of sunlight.
In my case, all my annonas get burned badly in the summer.
Very dry and hot here in Bakersfield.
I'm planning on putting up some shade, just not sure what % I should get.

Thanks for any opinions,

My annonas tolerate quite a bit of shade, and seem to like it. I say that because the upper limbs which get most of the hot summer so. Flo. sun produce less fruit than those more in shade. So I'd start with 50% and watch for new growth and the burn stopping and take it from there.

That's a good place to start.

I put 50% white shade cloth over my greenhouse and it seems to be working well. The plants grow the same or better. I'm at 2200' elevation 9b, so basically inland style California temps and stuff definitely gets burnt on those 100f days.

I don't have issues with annona in blasting sun, so, I dunno what to say - but all my eugenias and jaboticabas seem to appreciate the shade quite a bit.

Triloba Tracker:
one thing to maybe look into....

my annonas (Asimina triloba) i thought were burning in the sun in mid to late summer. I believe the root cause is actually a magnesium deficiency. (young A. triloba need shade for a while but these are mature trees)


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