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Pawpaw grafting


Has anyone had success grafting pawpaw this late in the year?
I grafted several in the spring with good results but I still have budwood in the fridge.
Itís hot in Texas.



Triloba Tracker:
Wish I could help you with specifics but Iíve never grafted this late.
They will probably take fine, but the concern might be hardening off before winter. Though not sure what part of Texas youíre in and whether you plan to keep them in a greenhouse or something.

If you have extra rootstock and are ok with possible failure I would go for it for sure.

I doubt anyone would tell you to definitely NOT do itÖ..

Thanks. I am in Corpus Christi. The winters here are generally mild. After searching on Google for awhile, the only recommendation I could find was spring grafting. I guess I will go for it!


Triloba Tracker:
If you can shade them or do anything to keep them from getting crazy hot, that might be good.

Advice given to me by a pawpaw veteran and commercial grower is to graft in late spring or whenever high temps begin to steadily be in the 80s.
This has always proved successful for me. I jumped the gun one time and had poor results.

This same grower was in a similar boat as you this year and was grafting in the 90s.


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