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Now you have found the real A.A.....I figured why not start a thread here for the paw paw addicted people in the world...

I think FL is the world's epicenter for Asimina species....

we even have those super rare deeringothamnus species...which I believe are found nowhere else in the world.

I'm planting parviflora and triloba here in central FL...maybe we can get a cross? or even a decent tasting parviflora would be enough to get me excited about grafting some...I think almost all of the species have variability in flavor, so it's worth seeking out superior strains...even for species that are reported to be poor quality.

Also, I have a friend who fruited A. triloba in central FL, and it made delicious fruits, but production was minimal. 

let's get excited about finding new varieties and species to grow!  maybe even some hybrids!

I hear that susquehana is one of the best cultivars around. Prone to cracking, bruising, and 1lb fruits too! Ive never tried a pawpaw. Is it possible to bring one to fruition in southern California?. Also the thought of Interspecific hybrids with pawpaw makes brings me to deep contemplation.

Edit: Intergeneric

I just planted a susquehana, Shenandoah , and allegheny last week. I have had a "mango" for a couple years but I planted it in a spot with full shade and it has not grown much at all. It does flower though. I may move it this week but I am worried about the transplant killing it.

Jsvand5,  that is great to hear that your "mango" is flowering. What is the size of your tree and how tall was it when planted?


--- Quote from: Bob407 on February 13, 2015, 09:54:14 AM ---Jsvand5,  that is great to hear that your "mango" is flowering. What is the size of your tree and how tall was it when planted?

--- End quote ---

Not big. Maybe 2 1/2 feet. Might have grown a foot in the last two years. It is is 100% shade though. I am cutting down a big mulberry soon and that should help with the sunlight if I don't end up just moving the pawpaw instead


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